Modular Buildings for the Aerospace Industry

Starrco designs, constructs, and installs temporary office buildings for airports. Our experts will build a durable structure for your airport according to your precise specifications. Get in touch to discuss your needs and request a free quote.

Modular warehouse office

Versatile Office Space Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

As your aerospace needs evolve, you’ll need more office space for workers and storage space for sensitive equipment. You can increase your available space with a modular building from Starrco.

A modular building is a prefabricated structure that you can customize to meet exact specifications. These buildings can be installed outside to increase your covered space or inside to create enclosed rooms within your building. Modular buildings can include features like electricity and climate control to keep workers comfortable or protect delicate electrical equipment.

You can use a modular building for various temporary or permanent purposes at your airport:

  • Portable airport dispatch centers
    Office space
  • Conference rooms
  • Control centers
  • Computer or server enclosures
  • Shipping and receiving offices

Why Choose a Modular Building?

Modular buildings are some of the most cost-effective structures for the aerospace industry due to their prefabricated construction. We build the structures as various components at our facility, then transport them to your airport for assembly. Here’s how you can benefit from a prefabricated modular building:

Building modular components ahead of time reduces the cost of materials, labor, and transportation. You’ll spend less on a structure that offers the durability and longevity you need to receive the most value from your investment.

Modular components are easy to assemble once they reach your site. Installation takes a few hours rather than days or weeks, meaning you can spend more time working without delay.

Modular buildings can change when you need them to. You can reorient the same components to favor a taller or wider design. You can also move the entire structure to a new location. If you need to upsize or downsize, just add or subtract modules.

Upper level modular office

Experienced Modular Office Designers and Installers

To experience the greatest value, choose a modular office building from a dependable company. At Starrco, we do what it takes to offer reliable modular aerospace offices at competitive prices.

Since 1965, we’ve committed to manufacturing reliable modular buildings and ensuring an excellent customer experience. We employ talented designers and passionate customer service representatives who will work to make sure your modular building is a valuable asset at your site.

When you work with Starrco, our team will collaborate with you to personalize a modular building. Then, we’ll construct, deliver, and install your building quickly so you can stick to your busy schedule. Our experienced engineers construct modular buildings in a controlled environment to deliver premier quality and a quick lead time.

Why should you work with Starrco?

Rapid Quote Request

Starrco stands by our rapid quote request turnaround. We work to provide accurate project estimates for most requests in as little as 24 hours, though some larger projects may require more time.

Versitile Solutions

Our products are made to fit your application— whatever that application may be — now, and well into the future. Built for your business today and designed to fit your future, too.

Fastest Installation

Get your project up and running when you need it most. Starrco solutions install 70% faster than conventional construction.

Superior Manufacturing Technology

Every Starrco component is precision-engineered in our controlled environments by experienced technicians. We only deliver the highest quality products.

Dependable & Personable Customer Service

Excellent, responsive customer service is one of Starrco’s core values. From our sales team to our engineering & design experts, everyone here cares about your end result.

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Starrco is here to outfit your aerospace site with a custom modular building. We’ve satisfied customers across industries with our friendly customer service approach and premier construction quality. Our experts are ready to learn about your needs and develop a modular building that meets them, so request a free quote to start the process.

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