Warehouse Offices

Modular Offices for Warehouses

Starrco designs, engineers, manufactures, delivers, and installs modular office space for warehouses and distribution centers. Modular warehouse offices are structures you can add inside or near your facility as extra office space. These structures are built to code and feature integrations like electricity, climate control, soundproofing, and ventilation your staff needs to work comfortably.


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Why Modular Office Space?

Modular warehouse offices differ from conventional buildings due to their unique construction method. We save you time and money by opting for modular construction methods rather than a conventional approach. Our team designs and builds the entire structure at our facility in the form of modules that assemble to form the complete building. We deliver the modules to your facility ready to piece together and use in days rather than weeks or months.

Modular mezzanine floor

Modular Warehouse Office Applications

Modular enclosures are useful in numerous warehouse applications. Use a modular structure as any of the following types of workspaces:

  • Observation decks
  • Security stations
  • Conference room s
  • Administrative offices
  • Machine or computer enclosures
  • Break rooms

How to Choose the Right Modular Office for Your Warehouse Space

The right office can transform your company’s daily operations. By building a modular office, you can ensure all employees have the tools and equipment to complete their daily tasks and provide a quiet area to perform work without distraction. While a modular office allows businesses to choose any size and configuration, there are a few elements to consider to ensure you’re getting the most from a modular warehouse office space:

Knowing how to utilize space in your warehouse is essential to ensure your business is successful. With a modular building, you can customize the size so there is no wasted space or higher maintenance costs.

As you consider the size of your modular office, also account for the size of your team. For a smaller crew, you may only need one building, whereas for a larger workforce, you may want to combine multiple modular offices. Additionally, you can scale your building up or down based on your changing needs for more customization opportunities

When creating your office, consider the configuration, layout, acoustics and lighting. If you choose an open office space, it may be wise to invest in soundproofing for meeting rooms. Or, if you want to give each employee a cubicle, ensuring that every person has enough room is a vital consideration. Another consideration should be additional lighting to create a brighter room if you are using the building as a showroom.

Where you place your office in your warehouse is another factor to think about. Building it too close to machinery can cause the environment to be too loud for the workers inside. However, placing it too far away from the work area may make it challenging for employees and customers to find and visit the office.

Your warehouse modular office should also meet a specific purpose. Consider how your business will use the room, and use this as a goal to guide the building process. Deciding the intention of the modular office for your warehouse early in the building process can help you determine the building’s size and any beneficial add-ons, such as soundproofing.

Why should you work with Starrco?

Rapid Quote Request

Starrco stands by our rapid quote request turnaround. We work to provide accurate project estimates for most requests in as little as 24 hours, though some larger projects may require more time.

Versitile Solutions

Our products are made to fit your application— whatever that application may be — now, and well into the future. Built for your business today and designed to fit your future, too.

Fastest Installation

Get your project up and running when you need it most. Starrco solutions install 70% faster than conventional construction.

Superior Manufacturing Technology

Every Starrco component is precision-engineered in our controlled environments by experienced technicians. We only deliver the highest quality products.

Dependable & Personable Customer Service

Excellent, responsive customer service is one of Starrco’s core values. From our sales team to our engineering & design experts, everyone here cares about your end result.

Design a Modular Office With Starrco

Time is money, so choose a dependable warehouse office solution that’s ready to use quickly. Starrco offers turnkey modular building services to provide need-based designs on a tight schedule.

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Our Modular Warehouse Office Enclosures

There’s a Starrco modular enclosure for any warehouse office application. We can design a single-story, two-story, or mezzanine-mounted warehouse office with numerous convenient features that withstand the busiest industrial environments. We can incorporate the following elements based on your needs and preferences:

Choose from three types of wall panels, each 3 inches thick with an impact-resistant core. Finishes include vinyl, fiber-reinforced plastic, high-density polyethylene, and aluminum.

Choose between the Starrspace 3000 wall system with double-sided channels for electrical wiring or the Starrspace 35000 system with accommodations for steel tube inserts.

Add tempered glass windows so office employees can oversee the warehouse floor.

Outfit the office with wood, steel, or glass doors.

Incorporate a pre-wired electrical system with a dedicated circuit breaker box and numerous interior outlets.

Install recessed fluorescent light fixtures into the drop ceiling.

Integrate your module office with your existing HVAC system. For offices larger than 800 square feet, we can incorporate a dedicated system.

Cover your office with a 22-gauge ribbed steel roof deck that catches debris.

Line the outside of your office with steel guard rails that protect against collisions.

Our Hassle-Free Process

We’ll work closely with you to understand the function your office will serve, the available space you have to install it, and the time frame in which you’ll need the office ready. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Schedule a visit to your location so we can discuss your options and provide a free quote.
  2. Receive a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing with project plans for your approval.
  3. Wait for our designers, engineers, and manufacturers to build your modules at our facility.
  4. Welcome our delivery team to your facility to receive your modules and a CAD drawing with installation instructions.
  5. Assemble your modular office or have our staff complete the project for you.

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