Modular Buildings for Education

As class sizes grow, your institution needs innovative ways to expand facilities while using funds efficiently. Modular buildings and walls help schools of all sizes adapt by offering fully integrated indoor spaces that install fast.

At Starrco, we customize, build, deliver, and assemble modular buildings for education. Work with us to optimize your campus’s indoor space availability.

Modular Classroom

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is an innovative way to build semipermanent structures for industries like education. This method deviates from traditional construction, where crews must order materials from numerous companies to a job site where they can build components and assemble a building from scratch.

In modular construction, we design, engineer, and manufacture each part of the building at our facility. Then, we deliver modules to your site where we can install them and integrate them with existing utility and communications infrastructures. Modular construction saves time by relying on pre-made designs for components that assemble 70% faster than traditional construction projects.

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Common Uses of Modular Buildings for Schools

Modular buildings and walls allow education facilities to scale quickly on a full-time or part-time basis. Install modular structures on your campus to serve as:

  • Additional classrooms.
  • Walls between existing classrooms.
  • Temporary office space.
  • Nurses offices.
  • Athletic equipment storage.
  • Data centers.
  • Portable guard shacks.
  • Ticket booths.
  • Cafeteria or kitchen extensions.

Why Choose Modular Buildings for Your Campus?

Modular structures offer numerous advantages for educational facilities, from the smallest elementary school to the largest academic institutions. Choose a modular building or wall to benefit from:

We customize modular buildings to meet your school’s spatial constraints, technological requirements, and budget.

Modular buildings are easy to disassemble and move when you need your structure on a different part of campus or at a new location in the district.

We can add new modules, take away existing ones, or repurpose what you have to meet your campus’s needs as they evolve.

Because we construct each module before installation, we’re able to assemble them up to 70% faster than traditional lead times.

Modular construction is a fast, cost-effective method that results in work-ready buildings that will produce value for your institution quickly.

Why should you work with Starrco?

Rapid Quote Request

Starrco stands by our rapid quote request turnaround. We work to provide accurate project estimates for most requests in as little as 24 hours, though some larger projects may require more time.

Versitile Solutions

Our products are made to fit your application— whatever that application may be — now, and well into the future. Built for your business today and designed to fit your future, too.

Fastest Installation

Get your project up and running when you need it most. Starrco solutions install 70% faster than conventional construction.

Superior Manufacturing Technology

Every Starrco component is precision-engineered in our controlled environments by experienced technicians. We only deliver the highest quality products.

Dependable & Personable Customer Service

Excellent, responsive customer service is one of Starrco’s core values. From our sales team to our engineering & design experts, everyone here cares about your end result.

Modular Structures From Starrco

Starrco is here to welcome you to the world of modular. We design, engineer, manufacture, and install custom modular buildings and walls for schools of all sizes.

Our modular structures feature durable materials like aluminum, vinyl, fiber-reinforced plastic, and high-density polyethylene to withstand the elements and protect the people or property inside. We design modular buildings to use as offices, classrooms, break rooms, and more. Each building comes complete with the integrations your situation demands, such as plumbing, electricity, lighting, and climate control.

Whether you need a partition that separates large classrooms or an entire building, Starrco will work with you to develop and install a structure that meets your needs.

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Installing a modular building or wall is the ideal solution as your campus grows. Starrco is here to customize a modular structure for your education facility, so request a free quote to start the process.

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