Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly

Modular Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly Facilities

Semiconductor packaging & assembly facilities are some of the most controlled environments in the cleanroom space. Modular construction is ideal for creating semiconductor facilities. With modular construction, you can install your next semiconductor facility in days rather weeks or months. Starrco has a variety of products that make your next cleanroom a snap. From 2″ ceiling grids that can handle 100% fan filter capacity, to a wealth of panel composition & finish options to choose from.

Modular constructed hallway


Semiconductor wafer fabrication for cleanrooms is probably one of the most intensive manufacturing processes, not only for its complexity but for the amount of capital invested. Due to the sensitive nature of the products, it is critical to construct these modular cleanroom facilities with components which help produce higher product yields. Moreover, since the number of operations that have to be carried out exceeds the number of available machines, several of these operations are done at the same work centers or tool stations.

Maximizing space and housing specialized equipment is ideally suited for a modular cleanroom system. Each Starrco modular project begins with a careful needs assessment for your semiconductor cleanroom. The quality modular cleanroom system is then designed and engineered to specifically fit your application. And that application usually requires stringent environmental control of a Class 100 Cleanroom, well within the tolerance levels Starrco can provide.

Given its modular office partitions, Starrco offers a structural panel that is light weight, non-particulating and easily modified. Semiconductor cleanroom systems are designed and constructed to precise standards, labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site cleanroom installation quick and convenient.

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