Free-Standing Hardwall Cleanroom For Semiconductor Facility by Starrco

Starrco is proud to work with a number of distribution partners across the country who deliver remarkable solutions for clients in a wide range of industries and applications. One recent project we’re excited to share was a free-standing modular hardwall cleanroom project for a West Coast semiconductor facility.



The Project

A Large Semiconductor Cleanroom, Built From Scratch

When the client came to our project team, they were looking to expand. They had a small research and development cleanroom built from conventional building materials, but they were ready to expand to a full-scale production cleanroom. When the client initially came to us, they were wondering about the cost difference between a modular cleanroom and a conventional cleanroom.

Upon talking to our product experts, it became apparent that the client was looking for a full-scale production cleanroom on a short timeline. They needed a large, complete turnkey installation, and our project team knew they could best support the project with their extensive cleanroom experience and Starrco’s modular cleanroom components. With the support of Starrco, the installation team was able to commit to the client’s tight timeline and won the project.

The Challenge:

A Sizeable Free-Standing Cleanroom That Could Meet Multiple ISO Classifications for A Range Of Production Applications

Now, it was time to get started on the build. The client wanted to use every inch of existing warehouse space for cleanroom production, but their lease stipulated that they could not attach to the host structure. That left very little space for staging or construction of such a complex enclosure. Another unique challenge with this cleanroom was that the client needed a number of individual, interior cleanroom spaces, each meeting different ISO classes for different production applications.

Luckily, the project team had decades of experience in the cleanroom industry and had a plan to deliver on each of the client’s needs, while keeping the project on time, and on budget.

The Solution

A Robust Cleanroom Design That Met Every Requirement

Our team got to work right away. They assembled a team of local trades and put together a design for a free-standing 6,000 square foot facility that would feature multiple rooms at varying cleanliness levels, as well as common clean corridors.

The installation team chose Starrco products for their build because they needed the flexibility of modular components, and they knew Starrco could deliver the products they needed, on the customer’s tight timeline. They chose a Starrco modular wall system with Class A rated walls that feature a smooth, durable, and easily cleaned finish. Because the project is built on the West Coast, the project design was also rated for Seismic Design Category D.

The installation team delivered an entirely freestanding 6,000 square foot cleanroom with a gasketed cleanroom ceiling grid system at varying heights — 9′, 10′, and 14′ tall ceiling systems. The finished product also featured a number of interior cleanrooms that meet Certified Levels of Cleanliness in the range of ISO-5, ISO-6, ISO-7, and ISO-8.



The Results

The Cleanroom Our Client Needed, On Time and On Budget

The experienced design and installation team worked well to develop and deliver exactly the cleanroom the client needed, built to their specifications and offering creative solutions for their unique challenges.

This project is a huge success. The client loves the Starrco product, which was quick to ship, fast to install, and will provide them with the durability and cleanliness they need for years to come. The quality of workmanship performed by the installation team truly brought this project together. Their attention to detail, knowledge of cleanroom requirements, and ability to design a creative, freestanding solution that would fit the clients’ needs resulted in a hugely successful, large-scale production cleanroom that the client is now actively using.


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