The Modular Cleanroom Process From Concept to Completion in 5 Easy Steps


You’ve heard that modular cleanrooms are quick and easy to construct and likely want to know just how convenient setup is. Modular cleanrooms can be set up much faster than conventional buildings, and these environments offer advantages like precision and versatility. At Starrco, modular cleanroom installations are our specialty, and our professionals can guide you through the process so you know what to expect.

1.  Assess

The first step to installing a modular cleanroom is to request a quote to estimate your modular cleanroom costs. Once you accept our quote, we will assess your needs fully. We typically conduct these assessments at your desired site to get a better idea of the surrounding environment.

To further our understanding of your needs, we’ll ask a few questions about your industry, ISO classification and other industry standards, equipment and personnel requirements and your overall goals for the facility. After compiling all your information and building parameters, we will tell you how much your portable cleanroom will cost.

2. Design

Once we know your specifications and expectations, we can begin designing the modular cleanroom. Our design team will use your requirements to determine where to put essential features, such as outlets, windows, gowning rooms and fan filters. After compiling a comprehensive design, we’ll run the details by you before starting the next stage — fabrication.

3. Fabricate

With the design finalized, we can start fabricating your modular cleanroom at our factory, designing and manufacturing each component to ensure the finished product meets your unique standards. Our fabrication team uses precise engineering and advanced machinery to produce top-quality cleanrooms in only a few weeks.

4. Install

Once we’ve manufactured your portable cleanroom, we’ll package each component and ship it to your job site. Our packages come with detailed installation instructions for a quick and easy modular cleanroom setup. However, if you prefer our expert team to handle the installation, that’s no problem — we’ll send a small team of installers over to ensure precise installation.

5. Inspect

After installing the cleanroom, we will conduct one final inspection to ensure its features, including the electrical components, operate safely and efficiently. You can also schedule your third-party inspection at the same time to determine whether your new cleanroom meets industry standards.

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