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Starrco’s quick-ship portable buildings deliver the high-quality, durable structure you need to keep operations moving on your campus, no matter your needs or timeline. Complete with pre-wired electrical packages, a roof drainage system, windows, a door, and even forklift pockets for convenient placement, our quick-ship portable buildings are suitable for nearly any application.

What is a Starrco Quick-Ship Portable Building?

Starrco quick-ship portable buildings are designed to provide the essential enclosure your facility or industrial campus needs, in as little as 1-5 days. Available in a standard 4’ x 6’ nominal size, our quick-ship portable building is ideal for parking booths, guard houses, equipment enclosures, and so much more. For a solid, durable portable building you can trust to house equipment, personnel, and essential operations, Starrco’s quick-ship portable building delivers on any timeline.

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Quick-Ship Portable Building Specifications

Our quick-ship portable building is available in a standard 4’ x 6’ nominal size with a long list of included and optional features. While this quick-ship product is limited to the specifications listed below to ensure fast shipment, our standard-ship portable buildings offer an expanded range of sizes and capabilities, simply on a longer timeline. Starrco quick-ship portable building specifications are as follows:

Common Applications for Quick-Ship Portable & Modular Buildings

Starrco quick-ship portable and modular buildings are ideal for a range of applications. No matter your facility’s need — be it a small in-plant booth for a machine operator or a guard-house for facility entry points — our quick-ship buildings offer a number of high-quality standard features and can be shipped from our facility in as little as 1-5 business days. A few common applications for our quick-ship pre-assembled buildings include:

Whether your facility is gearing up for event season, or you’re breaking ground on a new campus that will require parking surveillance, our quick-ship parking booths are a popular option. Get all the features and functionality you need in just days — delivered directly to your jobsite and ready to go.

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Guard houses are necessary for many commercial buildings and industrial campuses. Starrco quick-ship, portable guard houses arrive onsite in just days and are easy to install wherever is most convenient for your facility. With durable construction and standard forklift pockets, our quick-ship guard houses are simple to move across your facility as campus needs change.

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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, health screening has become a common — and in many industries, expected — barrier to entry at many industrial campuses and manufacturing facilities. Get the high-quality, durable screening booth your facility needs, now, with quick-ship from Starrco. Available to ship in as little as 1-5 days, our quick-ship screening booths are pre-assembled and ready for installation the minute they arrive.

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Perfect for construction job sites and field research applications, Starrco quick-ship modular offices provide the shelter and space your team needs to get work done now, with the flexibility to move or repurpose in the future. Built to stand up to the elements and manufactured with standard forklift pockets, Starrco quick-ship modular buildings and offices are the fast, flexible solution you’re looking for.

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When you need a toll booth, fast, Starrco has you covered. Our 4’x6′ toll booths come standard with a range of high-quality features like a smooth aluminum exterior finish, pre-wired electrical, pre-installed roof, and more. Order today, and we’ll ship your quick-ship toll booth in as little as 5 days!

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Equipment enclosures are essential to the safe, effective operation of your sensitive and heavy machinery. Protect that sensitive equipment now with quick-ship equipment enclosures from the experts at Starrco. Our quick-ship buildings ship in 1-5 business days, ensuring your production never misses a beat.

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Why Choose Starrco Quick-Ship Portable Buildings?

With a number of quick-ship modular and portable buildings available on the market today, why choose Starrco? As a long-standing industry leader in modular construction, we are able to deliver the highest quality product with the features you want, on your timeline. Here are just a few of the features that make a Starrco quick-ship portable building stand out from the rest:

  • Fast Delivery. The size and location of our production facilities ensure we always have stock on hand and can ship to anywhere in the United States in as little as 5 days.
  • High-Quality. Starrco prides itself on always delivering the highest-quality materials to every customer. Because our quick-ship portable buildings are precision-engineered in highly-controlled environments, we are able to guarantee exceptional quality every time.
  • A Long-term Investment. High-quality construction and tax advantages combine to deliver you an affordable solution across the long lifespan of our quick-ship products. Starrco quick-ship portable buildings are built to stand up to the elements for years with minimal required maintenance.
  • A Reusable, Flexible Solution. Starrco quick-ship portable buildings are designed to suit your facility’s needs now, and well into the future. Equipped with forklift pockets, our portable buildings are easily moved and reused should your facility’s needs ever change.

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