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Security guard booths can be used to control security for employees or attendees at stadiums, theme parks, manufacturing facilities, fueling stations or anywhere a secure entry point is necessary. From small revenue control such as a parking booth or more elaborate guardhouses suitable for one or more security personnel, our prefab security booths are designed to work for your company’s needs.

Shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate occupancy, a heavy-duty prefab security booth or guard shack features structural members of either anodized aluminum or steel with a rust-retardant finish. Security guard booth walls, ceilings and floors have a solid, impact-resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl-covered finish. Windows and sliding doors are aluminum finish, swing doors are commercial grade steel. Your prefab security booth might be standard, or we can custom design one for you based on physical location and requirements for electrical, HVAC, window and door locations. View photos, specs and drawings of our guard booths below.

Modular guard house

Security Booth Applications

A preassembled security guard booth can be used indoors or outdoors for:

  • Parking lots
  • Schools
  • Ticket taking, registration, and security at a range of events, including sports events, concerts, trade shows, and conventions
  • Manufacturing site and business security teams
  • Religious institutions
  • Government buildings
  • Gated communities
  • Assisted living facilities

In fact, preassembled security booths can be used virtually anywhere you need a place for your security professionals to work.

The Benefits of a Portable Security Booth

A prefabricated security booth can help you enhance security at your manufacturing facility, parking garage, school, event or any other space with the following benefits:

A portable security booth keeps your security guards apart from the public, allowing them to do their job while increasing safety and providing a designated place where guests can find help if they need it.

With electricity wiring options, your prefabricated security booth has all the features necessary to serve as a computer or security station. It stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter with HVAC hookup options, too, creating a comfortable working environment.

Portable security booths come with windows on all sides, allowing your staff to see every part of your operations. Having plenty of windows keeps more of your property in view, making security measures more effective.

Starrco uses quality materials, so your security booth can withstand the elements and years of use. Your booth is also versatile and can be moved to a new location if needed. Starrco can even create an elevated in-plant office so your security guards can see the whole work floor at a glance.

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