Security Booths

Security guard booths can be used to control security for employees or attendees at stadiums, theme parks, manufacturing facilities, fueling stations, or anywhere a secure entry point is necessary. From small revenue control such as a parking booth or more elaborate guardhouses suitable for one or more security personnel, our prefab security booths are designed to work for your company’s needs.

Shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate occupancy, a heavy-duty prefab security booth or guard shack features structural members of either anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish. Security guard booth walls, ceiling and floor have a solid impact resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl covered finish. Windows and sliding doors are aluminum finish, swing doors are commercial grade steel. Your prefab security booth might be standard, or we can custom design one for you based upon physical location and requirements for electrical, HVAC, window and door locations. View photos, specs, and drawings of our guard booths below.

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