Starrco High Performance Wall Panel

Introducing the Starrco-HP Wall Panel

Get to know Starrco’s new, FM-Approved high-performance insulated panel. Designed to integrate with your existing structure and provide exceptional, long-lasting performance, the Starrco-HP Wall Panel will outperform all others in its class and price range.

HP panel separation wall

With state-of-the-art tongue-and-groove connections and a lightweight-yet-powerful polyisocyanurate core, the Starrco-HP Wall Panel is easy to install and modify, with a superior R-value (R21) to help you minimize energy loss and reduce operating costs.

Starrco-HP Wall Panels are ideal for a wide range of applications, from grow rooms and sustainable food applications, to controlled environments for manufacturing, packaging, and more.

Benefits of the Starrco-HP Structural Panel

The Starrco-HP Wall Panel packs a lot of power into a slim, efficient package. Here are just a few of the valuable features this product brings to the table.

Class 1 Panels Backed by Science

The Starrco-HP is a structural, Class 1 wall panel that features a polyisocyanurate core. These features ensure a Class-1 fire rating approval that meets FM 4880 and FM 4881 standards while delivering a significant R-21 insulation value. 

Maximize Your Investment & Your Space With Durable, Light-Weight Panels

These panels offer serious durability in a lightweight package that helps you maximize your space and your investment. Slim 3″ structural panels allow for more interior space, regardless of application. 24-gauge steel construction sandwiches a polyisocyanurate core to deliver stability and longevity that protects your investment for years to come. And, to top it all off, you reap the benefits of a seriously stable system at just 2.62 lbs per square foot. That’s lightweight durability you can count on to make your system as flexible and long-lasting as you need. 

Tongue and Groove Connections Make Installation Simple

And finally, Starrco-HP Wall Panels feature high-quality tongue-and-groove panel connections that deliver performance and flexibility. Tongue-and-groove offers a simpler connection than other installation methods and supports faster installation, too. Regardless of your application, Starrco-HP Wall Panels are designed to adapt easily to your dynamic growth.

Tounge and Groove Connectors

Starrco-HP Product Benefits at a Glance

  • Class-1 fire rating approved: meets FM 4880 and FM 4881 standards
  • Compatible with Starrco stud systems, the Starrco-HP Wall Panel easily adapts to dynamic growth
  • Lightweight panels are easy to handle, just 2.62 lbs per square foot.
  • Composed with 24-gauge steel for stability and longevity 
  • Locking tongue-and-groove connections for quick installation
  • Polyisocyanurate core offers insulation to an R-value of 21 degrees Fahrenheit 


Starrco-HP Wall Panels are designed to integrate with the SS3000 and SS3500 systems or as a floor-to-ceiling wall system that’s anchored to existing overhead roof purlins and adjacent walls. With a range of ceiling options, you can build your new system using your existing ceiling, or choose from Starrco’s high-performance panelized ceiling systems. 

Wire-stud spacing: every 84 inches – 120 inches

Ceiling options: HP panelized ceiling, or traditional grid ceiling, or heavy-duty gasketed grid ceiling

HP panelized ceiling

  • 3” thick
  • 12’ section spans
  • Either supported by interior partition walls or support beams, or suspended from the existing roof structure.

Traditional grid ceiling

  • 1 inch 
  • Either suspended from corrugated decking as part of the modular wall system or from the existing roof structure
  • PVC, vinyl skinned gypsum, metal skinned drywall, and mineral fiberboard ceiling tiles are available.

Heavy-duty gasketed grid ceiling

  • 2 inches
  • Extruded from 6061-T6 aluminum with foam seal. 
  • Either suspended from corrugated decking as part of the modular wall system or from the existing roof structure
  • PVC, vinyl skinned gypsum, metal skinned drywall, and mineral fiberboard ceiling tiles are available.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Panel width: 39 ¼ inches
  • Panel thickness: 3 inches
  • Panel height: up to 17 ft when integrated with the SS3000 or the SS3500 system; up to 27 ft with other wall support
  • Panel weight: 2.62 lbs/sq.ft.
  • R-value: up to 21 degrees Fahrenheit 


Starrco-HP Wall Panels are backed by Factory Mutual making this panel one of the safest panels in the market based upon testing results.

  • FM 4880 Class 1 fire rating of insulated wall, ceiling, and roof panels 
  • FM 4881 Class 1 exterior wall structural performance


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