5 Benefits of a Modular Office

Modular construction is a building method that’s growing in popularity. Innovative building owners and facility managers are looking for better, faster ways to create the durable, reliable office buildings they need, and in the face of an ongoing labor shortage, traditional construction is both an expensive and time-consuming option. If you’re looking to build an office or in-plant enclosure, it’s helpful to know that modular is a great solution. Here are just 5 benefits that come with choosing a modular office system over traditional construction:

  1. Modular offices are quick to ship and quick to install
  2. Modular offices provide long-term versatility 
  3. Minimal disruption to your daily workflow
  4. High-quality construction
  5. Affordable solutions

1. Modular Offices are Quick to Ship and Quick to Install

Modular construction is, on average, 75% faster than traditional construction, providing serious value to your facility on a short timeline. Because modular offices are built using standardized principles, they can be delivered to your building much more quickly than all the various materials needed for traditional construction. What’s more, once your modular office space arrives at your facility for installation, you’ll need just a few people to help with installation.

Modular offices manufactured by industry-leaders like Starrco come complete with pre-engineered electrical panels, precharged modular central HVAC, and through-wall AC/heat combination units. With all of these systems pre-fitted to your modular office, there’s no need to schedule trade professionals for expensive and time-consuming full-system hookups. Electricians, for example, only need to show up to your site to bring power to the modular office’s panel box, and you’re up and running. This reduces your reliance on the busy schedules of trades, ensuring you can bring your new modular office online as quickly as possible.

2. Modular Offices Provide Long-Term Versatility

Your company is constantly growing, expanding, and changing. Your new office may just need space for a few administrative employees, but where will you be a year from now? 5 years from now?

Modular offices help future-proof your facility, offering the versatility you need to confidently grow, expand, or relocate your modular office, without worrying about extensive or expensive remodels. Modular components snap together with ease, and their standard sizes help ensure there’s always a replacement or addition option that will fit seamlessly into your existing modular office system. So, whether you need to relocate your modular office down the road, reconfigure your space, or even expand, modular offices help protect your investment by providing the versatility to change.

3. Minimal Disruption to Your Daily Workflow

If you’ve ever been in an office that is in the middle of construction, you know there’s nothing worse. Tarps everywhere make for a less than attractive environment, while dust from drywall and construction seems to permeate the entire facility. Modular offices help eliminate this disruption to your office’s workflow in a few ways.

  • Modular office components are manufactured off-site. Instead of framing and building at your office (which means weeks of noisy construction), modular office components are built to your specifications in an off-site facility. When every component of your modular office is complete, it’s shipped in its entirety, directly to your jobsite.
  • Installation requires just a few people and is done in hours. When every component of your modular office arrives on your site at the same time, installation is fast and easy. Each component is snapped into place, with no need for measuring, cutting, sanding, priming, or even painting. This reduces the size of the installation crew, and the time to install. With no mess and minimal labor, your modular office is up in just hours, helping your team get back to work quickly.

4. High-Quality Construction

There’s a misconception that modular construction components are of lower quality than traditional construction components. The truth is that modular components deliver the same — if not better — quality as traditional construction.

Modular office components are manufactured in a controlled, specialized manufacturing environment. Here, construction professionals are able to precisely monitor each component, ensuring every piece is engineered to match your exact specifications. And, unlike traditional construction, where lumber and other materials can sit out on the jobsite in rain and snow for days, every element of a modular office is stored and built in a sheltered, enclosed environment to ensure you receive the highest possible quality modular office.

5. Affordable Solution

For any office building or facility, the cost of a project is an important factor. Modular offices provide a high-quality, high-speed solution, at an affordable cost. Here are just a few ways modular offices contribute to a lower project cost:

  • Reduced labor needs. The need for fewer laborers to install modular offices means you can allocate less for the cost of installation.
  • Years of maintenance-free service. Modular offices are constructed with high-quality components, lowering the cost of maintenance and upkeep over the lifetime of the product.
  • 7-year tax depreciation. Modular office buildings often qualify as tangible personal property, which is depreciated over 7 years, rather than the 39-year depreciation of conventional construction.

Prefabricated, modular offices provide an accelerated return on your investment, are available at a lower upfront cost, and require less to install and maintain than traditional construction, making them the affordable, long-term solution your facility needs.

Commercial buildings and offices across the country are looking for better, innovative methods of construction that rely on fewer laborers, and provide greater long-term value. If a modular office system sounds like the right solution for your office space or in-plant enclosure, Starrco has the high-quality products you need. Give our team a call at 800-325-4259, or contact us online today to receive a fast and free quote.

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