Custom Screening Booth for Sensitive Thermal Screening Equipment

Recently, Starrco was contacted with a request for a preassembled “screening” booth.

The company requesting this booth provides full-service security expertise and implements business security solutions for its customers, including FDA 510(K) approved thermal screening technology. While thermal screening cameras cannot detect viruses or infections, they do detect elevated body temperatures which can be used as an added measure for health and safety protocol. The thermal screening technology scans the inner canthus of the eye for a more accurate reading of body temperature.

As an added safety measure, this screening technology allows businesses to recognize elevated body temperatures at the entrance of a facility to reduce the spread of potential sickness. But, the client needed a practical, efficient solution to house this sophisticated equipment.

Screening Booths Provide a Safe Space for Sophisticated Thermal Screening Equipment

To meet our customer’s needs, Starrco provided fully assembled portable units designed to house the screening equipment and create a secure access point to the facility.

Our units come complete with integral floor structures that include forklift pockets. This feature enables the simple transportation of each unit to its desired location and makes relocation to other areas throughout the facility easy as well. These screening booths can arrive fully assembled and pre-wired, complete with all necessary electrical requirements and communication runs.

The benefits of Starrco Screening Booths include:

  • Impact-resistant high-density wall construction.
  • Polyisocyanurate insulation for walls and ceiling (minimum R10)
  • Powder-coated aluminum extrusions and steel wall panel exterior
  • Integral floor structure on a welded steel structural base-frame, including forklift pockets
  • Climate control options available
  • Swing doors and full perimeter glazing
  • Arrives fully assembled

Available optional features include:

  • Lockers and custom cabinetry
  • Exterior lighting and signage
  • Painted steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall surfaces

Larger sizes and custom floor plans are available.

Starrco Designs Fully Assembled Solutions for Your Industry

Starrco has the expertise and construction materials to custom build any modular and prefabricated building solutions. Our work developing these screening booths for thermal screening equipment is just one example of our ability to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We create custom enclosures for many industries where safety, security, and general protection are required.

If you need a screening booth or other modular solution for your site, contact us today! We’re eager to learn about your needs and design the best structure for your facility.

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