Advantages of Using Panel Systems for Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are an important part of the pharmaceutical and medical sectors and many other industries, providing an area for gowning and negative pressure enclosures, semiconductor packaging assembly, and other applications. However, a permanent cleanroom isn’t your only option. Versatile and sustainable cleanroom modular wall systems are an increasingly popular choice across industries.

Made from cleanroom wall panels, a modular cleanroom is freestanding and fits in well in most facilities. Cleanroom wall covering options and materials meet ISO standards, and spaces created using modular wall panels can be furnished with equipment, fume hoods, and anything else that’s required.

The Advantages of Modular Cleanroom Panels

If you need a cleanroom, there are several advantages to choosing a modular solution.


You can choose different cleanroom wall material options as well as solutions customized for your needs. Modular systems allow you to add windows, filtration systems, specific wall colors, and more. With Starrco, your modular cleanroom is built for you.


Your operations will change over time. Shouldn’t your cleanroom?

If you need to move or upgrade your cleanroom or align with new compliance requirements, modular wall systems allow you to reconfigure your cleanroom, add different ventilation or filters, and make additional changes.


One of the advantages of modular wall systems is that they’re not built on site, resulting in less dust and debris in your facility. In contrast, adding a cleanroom using traditional construction methods often results in more downtime and more mess. With a modular system, you can enjoy a cleaner cleanroom, so to speak, and one you can start using fast.


Cleanrooms often cost less when you choose modular, in part because there is less waste when the wall panels are built off site. With more control over the process, the Starrco team can work efficiently and pass those savings onto you.

In addition, setting up a modular cleanroom costs less. Instead of requiring on-site construction teams to complete the project, modular wall systems are set up quickly and with minimal personnel so you save on labor.

Time Savings

With modular cleanroom wall systems, you can experience less downtime because the modular panels and components arrive ready to set up. Installation can take as little as a few days and be up to 75% faster than conventional construction.

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To learn more about the benefits of cleanroom wall systems, contact Starrco for a free quote. We’ve been leaders in the industry for decades, and we create custom solutions to ensure you get an effective and efficient cleanroom.

To learn more about the benefits of cleanroom wall systems, contact Starrco for a free quote.

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