Safety and Functionality: Designing In-Plant Modular Offices

In-plant office design has to meet a long list of wants and needs, from functionality and aesthetic preferences to safety and security. A modular office design is the new preferred way to achieve all these characteristics and more. Plants can consistently improve their operational efficiency without the time loss and physical risk that come with remodeling.

Understanding the Needs of Modular Plant Design

Building codes exist for a reason — to keep a space safe and functional, offices must meet a certain set of requirements. Of course, buildings must include things like sanitary facilities, fire systems, electrical service and accessible exits. However, there are also a few specific requirements to keep in mind when considering furniture and design:

  • Secured walls, shelves and dividers
  • Use of non-allergenic materials in floors, ceilings, walls and furniture
  • No obstructions to walkways and exits
  • Protection from fall hazards and sharp edges
  • Non-skid surfaces where necessary
  • Accessibility features

As such, every in-plant modular office design should fit these specifications and anything else set forth by building management. The ability to customize your office design at any point is a strength here. If part of your modular design poses an issue, you can simply adjust that small part instead of revamping your entire setup. Plus, without extensive construction, you can save time and money to reinvest in your work.

Enhanced Safety in Construction

Construction has always been a dangerous job. Working with heavy equipment regularly and frequently learning new processes for unfamiliar jobs leads to a staggering number of on-the-job injuries every year. Along with meeting the safety needs of the buildings they’re set up in, modular plant design further protects construction workers from significant harm.

For example, instead of completing all the heavy lifting and assembling on-site, modular furniture is prepared in a manufacturing facility, typically in an assembly-line fashion that encourages stringent safety precautions and automated workflows. If construction workers are helping you set up your office space, their job becomes significantly easier and less time-consuming, helping you get back to work sooner.

Better Functionality in the Workplace

Once everything is in place, you can start working right away and see how your new design affects your workflow. However, businesses are often unsure how a new setup will perform until they adjust to it. In many cases, offices are stuck with whatever their original plan was, even if it slows down productivity. Modular plant design is different.

Do you think your office space could do more for you? Then change it! Modular designs are made to be easy to move, and within minutes, you can have a more streamlined, better-looking space that caters to your preferences. You can reconfigure the workplace repeatedly as your workload changes or you find new ways to improve.

Get a Quote on Your Modular Plant Design

In-plant modular office building designs can save time and save lives. Starrco is proud to supply our partners with personalized modular designs for offices small, large and everywhere in between. Keep your building fresh and vibrant for years to come — get a free quote on our products today.

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