Modular Office Electrical Systems

At Starrco, we pride ourselves on providing businesses with modular office units that are entirely pre-assembled and pre-engineered, but what do we actually mean by this? Unlike other companies in the industry, Starrco’s modular office units are completely ready to be used upon installation. In fact, our pre-fabricated offices include innovative electrical and HVAC systems that not only are easy to install, but are also built to comply with national building code requirements.

Our design offers “quick-tric” electrical modular systems manufactured to perfectly fit the modular units and ensures easy installation. The connections are color-coded and safety keyed to lock together in one direction, enabling virtually anyone to set up the system.

The specifications and benefits of our electrical modular systems are:

  • Modular components are 100% reusable
  • System is easy to relocate
  • Spring steel latches hold connections securely in place
  • All components are wired to the modular connectors at the factory
  • A complete layout drawing and material list are supplied
  • All components of Starrco modular offices are UL listed and meet the National Electrical Code requirements (N.E.C.)

Think of Starrco for your business’ construction needs. We are the leaders in the modular construction industry and have over 40 years of experience. Visit our website for further information on electrical modular systems, modular office units and more.

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