Fire-Resistant Modular Offices

When shopping for modular units, you need to consider variables like quality and price — but how often do you think about safety? At Starrco, we strive to offer the best modular offices in the market, which means pre-engineered units that keep you satisfied while protecting your business from potentially dangerous situations.

Unexpected fires are always a possibility and it’s important that your facilities are protected against one. Reason why Starrco modular offices feature DL noncombustible panel constructions in accordance to the Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (ASTM-E-84). Additionally, the flame spread rating of these DL walls was found to be less than 25 and its smoke density, less than 20.

Other components of Starrco modular offices are also noncombustible, including suspended ceilings, dust covers, steel doors and windows. However, by including DL panels to your pre-assembled unit, you’ll create a complete noncombustible environment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have regarding how we can fit our modular offices to your construction project. For further information on Starrco modular units’ fire resistance specifications, refer to our website where you’ll find a detailed description of the noncombustible materials used in our pre-assembled enclosures.

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