Guaranteed Satisfaction: Starrco’s Stellar Service

Since first opening in 1965, Starrco has grown to be the leader in providing businesses with affordable, reliable modular office solutions. With the guidance of company president, Bryan Carey – who was recently named to the board of Governors for MHIA – Starrco has built its success on its commitment to quality, innovation and unparalleled customer service.

From single user offices to two story multiple office complexes, no job is too difficult for Starrco! With the help of our trained professionals, every client’s application is met with a modular office system that is precisely manufactured to fit their needs. All material used for building is completely finished – requiring no sanding or painting – and the time it takes to install the modules is a mere fraction of the time of conventional construction.

Give yourself peace of mind by hiring Starrco for your next office renovation. We
guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of work we provide you. Our modular solutions are affordable and are made to withstand the test of time. We offer a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors that allow you the freedom to design systems that meet your specific needs and style. Electrical outlets and heating and cooling units can also be added to your portable office space for additional comfort and convenience.

Visit our website today and learn how we can help you enhance your office space at a price you can afford!

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