Increase operational efficiency with in-plant offices

Imagine for a moment that you’re a working in a loud, bustling facility. You hear the constant sounds of heavy machinery and your supervisor shouting directions. Not exactly what you’d call the calmest and quietest of work environments, would you? That’s understandable, but successful operations often require many things to happen at once, even if it makes for noisy workplace.

At Starrco, we’re able to increase operational efficiency by providing in-plant offices. For a clear understanding of in-plant offices and their associated benefits, we answer the following questions:

What are in-plant offices?

An in-plant office is a an office system built within a plant, warehouse or other facility in which it is necessary to provide administrative space away from operational activities.

In what capacity are in-plant offices used?

Starrco can design and manufacture in-plant offices for a multitude of applications. What’s often seen is that plant supervisors have a need for an administrative area that separation them from plant floor, but not so far that they cannot respond when needed. Whether you require a single, temporary office or a two-story modular office system, Starrco has a room divider system that can be constructed to fit all types of office requirements.

Additionally, in-plant offices are excellent solutions for shipping and receiving offices. They are equipped with large windows for monitoring personnel and constructed with access to docks for a secure entry point.

How can in-plant offices help my business?

In general, in-plant offices are very advantageous. First, you’ll notice the speed in which portable offices are built. Typically, from start to finish, an in-plant office is fully operable in approximately 25 percent of the time it takes to complete a conventional construction project. Many more of the general advantages are explained in “Why Modular?”, one of our previous entries.

The aforementioned Starrco in-plant office applications — supervisor offices and shipping and receiving offices — have their own benefits. For one, with use of their in-plant office, supervisors can complete administrative tasks more efficiently.

As many in the material handling industry know, loading docks can be very loud and busy during loading and unloading times. In this case, in-plant offices isolate operation areas from outside distractions. In addition, Starrco’s in-plant offices protect employee and products from truck fumes and other outside factors.

What are some of the factors that are weighing down your operational efficiency?

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