Modular Buildings Are Ideal for Indoor Growing

Can you guess which manufacturing industry is growing the fastest?
Recreational cannabis is now legal in nine US states and all of Canada. Even the Mexican Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of legalization for adults.
Additionally, 32 states feature some form of support for medical cannabis. Overall, the legal cannabis sector is predicted to expand by more than 30 percent nationwide between now and 2020.

But indoor growing isn’t as easy as watering the office plants. Professional indoor agriculture has many highly-technical requirements and a licensed growing facility demands a wide variety of environments that are not easy to balance.
Fortunately, Starrco’s pre-engineered modular building technology offers growers the perfect combination of features, flexibility and speed of construction to be fully-operational quickly.
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Some of The Special Features Growers Demand

  • Humidity and water-resistant surfaces that are easy to maintain
  • Air-circulating plenums engineered to work with specialized environmental control systems
  • Non-shedding surfaces that prevent contamination
  • Aluminum studs that are non-corrosive, non-combustible and don’t attract insects
  • Ceilings strong enough to support lighting and rack systems
  • Low-humidity drying and packing rooms
  • Offices and security rooms

Grow Buildings Based on Advanced Cleanroom Technology
Starrco has been a leader in the modular cleanroom industry and has met the strict environmental needs of the pharmaceutical and electronics industries since the 1980s. That expertise is baked into every grow room we deliver.
Our modular buildings have an industry-leading fit and finish that prevents contaminant penetration and mold but facilitates air particle filtration and the control of air flow, pressure, temperature and humidity.

Flexibility and Speed
Whether it is a new business or one that is scaling to meet increased demand, Starrco’s cannabis grow rooms can be installed 75 percent faster than conventional construction, so they give growers a head-start on production.
When it is time to expand, modular construction delivers another competitive edge because you can quickly and easily extend or reconfigure a Starrco building. Uptime is protected and the disruption, reconstruction costs and waste of conventional construction practices are avoided.

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