Modular Office Wall Systems: What every office needs

Looking to renovate your modular office? Are your employees unhappy with their workstation space at their inplant office? Well, the folks at Starrco might be able to help! Our wall systems are all 3” thick and completely self-contained, which allows for easy reconfiguration. At Starrco, we use two different wall systems: STARRSPACE 3000 and STARRSPACE 3500. We’ve provided a product break-down for you here…


The innovatively designed STARRSPACE 3000 (SS3000) is a two-piece stud that allows both sides of the wall to be equipped with electrical devices and communication receptacles. This modular office wall system allows removal and replacement of a wall panel without disrupting adjacent panels. This design also allows the system to be easily revised as your needs change.


Our second modular wall system, the STARRSPACE 3500 (SS3500), is made up of structural- grade aluminum with studs that act as a structural column on spaces with long clear spans. These are used primarily on two story structures or load bearing roofs. The stud system will accommodate steel tube inserts for additional load bearing capabilities. The SS3500 is also available in an array of heights to accommodate any facility.

If your company is considering a new inplant office for expanding their office space, remember the savings you can attain. The ease in saving natural resources, the time you save in uninterrupted business and the reduction in manpower all contribute to a healthier bottom line. Contact us about our modular office systems to find out what these savings mean for you.

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