Modular Office Walls and Partitions

Your factory, office, or manufacturing facility needs to create a separate area, but not necessarily an entirely stand-alone space. Perhaps your work and operational requirements change regularly, and you want an office, booth, or separate area that can be relocated if needed. Whatever your goals, modular office wall and partition systems offer the ideal solution.

What Are Modular Office Wall Systems?

A modular partition is a tall and wide wall that divides indoor spaces. It can be used inside offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial sites where separation is the goal but a fully enclosed space is not needed.

Office partition walls can be used in many ways, such as:

  • Create a designated break room
  • Visually separate machinery from other operations
  • Ensure safer foot traffic areas in warehouses and other shared spaces
  • Direct pedestrian traffic through a facility
  • Use an area for different or sensitive operational processes
  • Invest in a wall system you can move to create enclosures as needed for impromptu meetings or other needs

Whether you require modular partitions that fit into an existing space or a brand-new solution, the Starrco team uses innovation and experience to design your ideal modular office system.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Modular Partition Walls?

Opting for a modular office wall and partition system carries numerous benefits, but these are five core benefits you should be aware of.

Fast and Efficient Installation

Modular partition walls are built off-site, then transported to and set up at your facility. Systems are manufactured and constructed according to standardized principles, allowing for faster delivery. Air conditioning units, HVAC systems, and electrical panels are pre-fitted and ready for quick installation.

As a result, installing a modular office takes up to 75% less time than traditional construction, which means your new modular wall and partition system will be fully operational fast.

Adapt It to Your Needs

Modular office wall systems can be customized and are more durable than traditional partitions sold pre-made. This means the systems are adaptable if we find a variance in the site’s dimensions when installing, and any alterations can be done in an aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound manner.

In addition, modular office partition wall systems are versatile in their configuration possibilities. Unlike traditional construction elements, we can disassemble, adjust, and reassemble your modular office walls to suit your needs. As such, you’ll save on costly renovations and building alterations should your business expand or relocate.

Save on installation costs. Installing a modular office wall or partition system is far more budget-friendly than building your warehouse office in the traditional way.

Save on Installation Costs

Installing a modular office wall or partition system is far more budget-friendly than building your warehouse office in the traditional way. Several factors contribute to the cost-saving benefits of opting for a modular office system:

  • Less labor required: While traditional building materials can be pricey, the cost of labor is where the bulk of the expenses lie. Because modular wall system construction is quick and easy, less money is spent on labor.
  • Low maintenance: Modular partition wall systems are built using durable, premium-quality materials and components, which means they require less maintenance and are built to last.
  • Shorter depreciation term: Unlike traditional structures, your modular system is considered tangible personal property. Its tax depreciation period will only be seven years instead of 39 years.

Continue Working Uninterrupted

Perhaps you’ve experienced a building alteration or renovation project. If so, you’ll know that it can cause significant disruption to those who need to continue their day as usual in the surrounding spaces. There’s typically plenty of noise and dust to contend with, and you’ll often find materials stacked in corridors and common areas, restricting movement.

The construction of a modular office system carries the benefit of a short installation time with a small team and considerably less mess and noise. Our team ensures a tidy construction process followed by a post-installation clean-up — you’ll experience minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.

Quality Structure and Components

Unlike traditional construction elements, the components that make up our modular systems are made to spec in a highly controlled environment. Each piece is engineered through a specialized manufacturing method overseen by professionals, and the entire process takes place in a sheltered area to ensure minimal exposure to the elements and contaminants.

This controlled process ensures the highest possible standards are met when producing your modular office wall system. The care taken in manufacturing these components and the precision with which they are meticulously installed means you’re assured of a high-quality modular installation.

Why Choose Starrco Modular Partition Walls?

Working with Starrco to fulfill your modular office wall and partition needs comes with several advantages.

Select From a Range of Colors and Finishes

Our partitions are available in a variety of colors and finishes. All materials come to you completely finished and do not require sanding or painting. Starrco’s wide variety of material types, finishes, and color options allow owners, architects, and contractors the freedom and creativity to design anything from high-profile administrative offices to industrial applications. Not sure what specifications you need? Our team is happy to discuss your goals and make recommendations that are right for you.

Choose the Best Design for Your Requirements

Our modular partition walls can be up to 27 feet tall. In some cases, they may reach the ceiling or can be built to allow for visibility over the walls. You can leave the ceiling open to take advantage of your space’s existing light and climate control or we can add a ceiling for a more enclosed area.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Installation

Safe and ethical practices always remain at the forefront of our priorities when designing modular office partition walls. These practices help us manufacture all of our partitions’ components using precise standards. They are labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make onsite installation quick, convenient, and without disturbing your current environment. Our high-quality packaging minimizes shipping damages (and the resulting delays). From the initial design to the finished and installed product, Starrco ensures that your project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget.

Get Started With a Free Quote

Starrco is here to take care of all the details for your modular office project, so you don’t have to. Scheduling a careful needs assessment with one of our experienced Starrco team members is the first step to your finished project. Contact our team today and request your free quote to get started!

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