Modular Warehouse Offices for Small and Growing Businesses

The “ideal” modern office has changed. As a growing business, meeting these new expectations is crucial for continuing to bring in fresh faces and foster an engaging, productive and efficient workplace.

As companies try to adapt to work-from-home policies and open office floor plans, the small modular office emerges as a leading design choice, especially for brands that are still expanding or establishing themselves in new locations. Make a modular office the starting point for your office’s development or redesign for a streamlined experience.

The Appearance of the Commercial Modular Building

While large, long-established brands may have a certain way of doing things, small and growing businesses have more opportunities than ever to adjust expectations of what it means to do satisfying work. With these changes, though, comes a constant need to realign your office space to fit the next new project.

Here is where the commercial modular building shines. Modular construction refers to furniture, decor and accessories designed to move with you. Every piece is simple, light and complementary to one another, allowing you to reconfigure your setup in minutes and add new spaces as the need arises. Some of the top reasons modular office buildings have become popular for small businesses are the opportunities it opens for:

  • Versatility: Help your office grow alongside you by giving it the ability to change at a moment’s notice. When your staff starts to feel less engaged at work or you bring in an influx of new employees, reorganizing your space is fast and simple, leaving you with a vibrant new workspace that fits your ever-changing needs.
  • Collaboration: One of the most significant benefits of working in an office compared to from home is the opportunity for in-person collaboration. Modular workspaces allow you to partner people who need to collaborate on a project or sit a manager alongside a new training employee. Everyone learns faster and improves on-site efficiency.
  • Cost and time savings: Modular furniture arrives at your destination mostly or fully assembled. You can get up and running without an expensive construction team. Even renovations are easy to complete — all your staff has to do is move their desks and privacy walls, and you can create an entirely new workspace.

Starrco’s Approach to Modular Structures in Business Spaces

At Starrco, we’ve been developing small, portable, modular office buildings since long before it was popular. We’ve worked with growing businesses in a range of industries, suiting the precise needs of food processing, pharmaceuticals, plant cultivation, information technology applications and warehouse manufacturing companies. We partner with brands for the long term, helping them expand as their businesses thrive with minimal interruption to their operations.

Redefine Your Office Space Anytime

Our custom modular structures are proven to install up to 75% faster than traditional construction work, and many of our partners get tax benefits via accelerated depreciation. Learn more about what you stand to gain working with Starcco when you contact us today. We’ll give you a free quote on your office space whenever you’re ready.

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