Overcoming Construction Challenges

Every Starrco project is custom designed and built. That means customers have a great deal of flexibility when building inside an existing warehouse space.

When PMC Smart Solutions wanted a cleanroom building, they knew the inconsistent height of their facility’s roof was going to be a problem. So, they turned to Angstrom Technology, a Starrco dealer, to find a viable solution.


PMC Smart Solutions manufactures precision plastic components for the medical, electronics and automotive industries.

They had two crucial requirements for their new cleanroom:

  1. No supporting pillars or posts.
  2. Maximize vertical space


The building designers at Angstrom Technology were confident Starrco had the adaptability to solve both problems.

Stepped Roof
The building’s stepped roof takes full advantage of the available vertical space. Most of the new cleanroom has 17-foot walls. In the area where the warehouse roof is low, the cleanroom walls are 13 feet tall.

Wide Spans
Starrco uses steel beam technology to build wide spans without supporting pillars.

In the picture below, you can see the 32-foot beam that supports the roof where it transitions from 17 to 13 feet.

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