Q&A: Modular Offices & Construction

Q: As a Starrco customer, what types of tax advantages can you earn with a modular office project?

A: Starrco’s modular office systems have the unique ability to be deconstructed, relocated and reassembled as effectively as they were initially designed. Therefore, our modular offices are considered to be “tangible property,” whereas traditional construction is an addition to an already permanent fixture (also known as “real property.” The depreciation of modular construction is approximately seven years while traditional construction depreciates in 39 years time. This difference between these two figures is where customers see a drop in taxes and overall project costs.

Q: Starrco has always been known for its speed and accuracy, but what is the actual time frame of the construction process?

A: Our modular office construction is 30% faster than any other traditional construction project. We typically estimate it to take 30 days in an effort to over deliver and always satisfy.

Q: What are Starrco’s portable building size restrictions?

A: With a goal to meet any portable building and modular office need, we do not have any set restrictions in place. We will always take the opportunity to evaluate any project and adjust accordingly. A building may be as small as 8’ x 8’, or it may be a larger project with multiple levels. Regardless of size, our cost structure ranges from $20-40 per square foot depending on the application.

Q: Is an architect necessary for modular office projects?

A: For the vast majority of projects, there is no need for a trained architect. Our professionals at Starrco have the expertise and experience to produce drawings that fit the local permitting process. Should your project be larger and more complex, we are equipped with professionals that can help with even the most challenging designs.

Tune in for another Q&A session coming soon! We understand that you have pressing questions and it is our priority to answer them for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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