Safety Guard Rails

When you think of a “guard rail,” you usually picture the grey ones on both sides of a highway to keep cars from going off the road, right? Sure. However, you can also find safety guard rail systems at the perimeter of Starrco modular in-plant offices to protect the infrastructure, machinery, traffic aisles, storage areas, conveyors, mezzanines, and more. We refer to these as Starrguard Safety Guard Rails.
The Starrguard Warehouse Guard Rail, along with its bolts, connectors and floor anchors comes in a bright yellow color. When we say that this guardrail system fits the perimeter of modular in-plant offices, we are literally referring to every corner, nook and annex. In some situations, posts can be used for odd-shaped corners and sectionals. Regardless, every inch of your modular office is protected.

Warehouse guard rails are designed in standard lengths, however, they can be customized. Guard rails are typically 8 ¾ inches high by 2 ½ inches deep and guard rail posts sit at 4 inches by 4 inches and are ¼-inch thick.

Like all of our projects and systems at Starrco, our warehouse guard rails are also very cost-effective and make for simple installation. With reduced freight costs and timely deliveries, we can assure you that your modular office installation will be more exciting than inconvenient. Contact us today for a careful needs assessment!

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