Standout with Starrco

Starrco is second to none when it comes to the modular office and portable building industry. Using the finest materials and providing top-notch customer service, we strive to satisfy everyone’s needs in the most efficient – yet affordable – manner.

Why Starrco stands outs:

  • Personalized Planning – At Starrco, we begin each project with a careful needs assessment to gain a clear understanding of exactly what our customer wants. We take the time to develop a relationship with each client and design a plan specific to their request.
  • Durable Packaging and Materials – Starrco has developed a packaging system to ensure a safe and timely delivery. All materials are made from aluminum to ensure durability and to prevent rusting or corroding. Our two-piece wall stud design allows panels to be easily removed or replaced.
  • Flexible Customization – Starrco offers a variety of features – such as air conditioning units or electrical outlets – through which our customers can customize their modular office systems. By using precut materials, Starrco guarantees a quick assembly time as well as the flexibility to easily expand or reconfigure, depending on your industry’s changing needs.
  • Eco-Friendly – Because the material used to build modular office systems can be recycled and reused, Starrco is significantly less expensive than any other construction option. Starrco also provides our customers a huge tax savings over conventional construction. This is because Starrco’s portable offices are classified as tangible property and can be depreciated over seven years.

No matter what your request, Starrco promises to give you the advantage of an integrated team of professionals committed to delivering quality at a price you can afford! See what Starrco can provide to you by visiting us at!


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