Starrco Has Doors Galore for People and Equipment

Doors are the only part of your building that moves. They’re opened and closed hundreds of times a day, and when they don’t work well, they cause problems and even hazards. That is why Starrco pays particular attention to installing doors and door hardware with the functionality and durability you need. We use hardware that will meet or exceed the open and close cycles required for the application.

All our doors are manufactured to withstand the demands of a commercial or manufacturing environment. To prevent sagging, sticking, and squeaking, our door frames are an integral part of the wall-framing system and have a solid connection to the larger structure. By comparison, in conventional construction, door frames typically wrap around the wall. All Starrco’s doors come with ball-bearing hinges made from heavy-duty steel.

How we choose the right door type

Starrco designers consider many things before they recommend a door:

  • Is the door for people or something else?
  • Do you need a wide or tall opening?
  • Will it be used hundreds of times a day or only occasionally?
  • Do you need it to open and close automatically?
  • Is there sufficient space for the door to swing open without blocking walkways?

Standard doors

Steel doors

Our standard steel door is anything but basic. It is made from durable 20-gauge steel and can withstand heavy-duty use. Usually painted the same color as the walls, steel doors have a hard-wearing finish that can be wiped clean.

Wood doors

The upscale look of these wood doors makes them the door of choice for office environments. They are finished with an industrial-strength varnish that ensures they will look great for years to come.

Standard door options

We offer lots of options so we can configure your wood and steel doors to meet your needs:

  • Vision lights made from 1/4-inch tempered safety glass. Acrylic and insulated glass are also available.
  • Push and pull hardware.
  • ADA-compliant locksets.
  • Locksets that coordinate with your décor. We can also install your preferred lock system.
  • Panic hardware.
  • Door closers.
  • Gaskets and thresholds designed to seal airtight cleanrooms.
  • Double doors for high traffic areas. They are also used in locations where you need to move pallets, furniture or other bulky items.

Doors for large equipment

If you have machinery, forklifts, bulky materials, and oversized equipment that needs to move between spaces, you probably need large openings and specialized doors.

Our most frequently specified doors:

  • Vinyl strip curtain doors offer an easy way to separate workplace environments.
  • High speed roll up doors are made from tough, flexible slats.
  • Bump doors are designed to take the impact of passing equipment and machinery.
  • Top-hung sliding doors facilitate wide openings without blocking passageways.
  • Removable wall panels give you peace of mind because you know you can get access if you need to repair or replace machinery.

In many cases, commercial doors can be fitted with sensors, so they automatically open and close for forklifts and other equipment.

If your project has a unique door need, Starrco can help source, specify or even build the door for you.

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