Starrco Means Responsiveness, Dependability, and High-Quality Products

Did you take our recent survey? At Starrco we always put our customers, and the quality of our products, first. The survey results show that you noticed!

Starrco stands for quality and much more

In your minds, Starrco stands for quality. And that is good news because we strive for excellence at every level, from the materials we source, to the final quality check we give every product before it leaves our workshop.

Here is what you said:

“The most complete and deliverable modular office system available.”

“Leader in the industry for quality and durability.”

“Superior quality products, quick response times, consistent meeting of delivery deadlines, and ease of working through solutions together.”

You also appreciate our responsiveness. More than two-thirds of you value our fast, 24-hour quote turnaround, and you appreciate just how much our customer service team does to help you.

We think our customer service rocks. You do too.

“Quality, ease of installation and customer service. Customer service relates to quick quote turnaround and a fast response to customer issues.”

“Quality in product and customer support – Customer service, layouts, and commitment.”

“Your responsiveness sets you apart.”

How does Starrco compare?

When we asked you “How do we compare?” you gave us the thumbs up!

Here’s what you think:

“Starrco provides accurate quotes from knowledgeable/experienced personnel who are resourceful and honest.”

“Your process from start to finish is without flaw. When an unforeseen issue does arise, Starrco resolves the issue to the satisfaction of the customer, quickly and without question. Then and only then, does a discussion take place as to who needs to accept responsibility for costs.”

“You are the best manufacturer that I have dealt with in my 20+ years in the industry; from the initial phone/email interactions with the office through the entire order process and field support from our regional manager.”

“Starrco has been a strategic partner with Maybury for many years. The relationship and commitment to dealer based sales allow us to single source with Starrco.”

You also told us how we could improve?

Be available when needed
Starrco territory managers are committed to returning your calls within two hours. You can call customer service 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time at 800-325-4259.

Taller walls
We have this covered. Starrco offers walls up to 30′ tall.

Designs for colder temperatures
Starrco enclosures fully support HVAC and thru-wall heating units.

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