The Advantages of Starrco Modular Powder Coating Booths

Where would the manufacturing industry be today without modular units? These days, there seems to be a preassembled modular solution suitable for almost every demand/requirement businesses may have. This blog post, however, will highlight the benefits of Starrco’s Modular Powder Coating Booths.

At Starrco, we understand that due to the nature of the powder coating process, the enclosure where this activity takes place needs to meet certain criteria, such as a low contamination and specific temperatures. To that end, we specifically designed our Modular Powder Coating Booths to provide a sealed environment in which there is an effective control of airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration.

Generally, powder spraying operations produce a considerable amount of overspray, which can be harmful for spray operators and other nearby employees. To protect your staff, use Starrco Modular Powder Coating Booths, which are built to ensure containment and proper filtration, helping you to recapture overspray powder. You can also modify or reconfigure these booths as your needs change in the future.

Wonder what other advantages you can obtain from our Modular Powder Coating Booths? Visit our website or contact us — we’ll be happy to explain how we can tailor this and all of our products to your specific business.

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