The Benefits of Modular Guard Shacks at School

Over the past decade, schools across the country have adopted several security tactics in an effort to preserve a safe and secure environment. One of these tactics is the addition of modular buildings (AKA guard shacks) at the entrance of school parking lots. In this blog entry, we will explore the multiple benefits these portable buildings bring to our nation’s schools.

Safety First:

We want our children to be safe at all times—especially when they are at school. The addition of these guard shacks will allow security officials to know who is coming and going at all times. This will prevent unwanted visitors from trespassing on school grounds and possibly causing a disturbance. Not only can Starrco’s security shacks prevent the invasion of the unwanted, but they ensure that students stay in the classroom. A further benefit of well-defined publicly accessible guard shacks is that of crime prevention through deterrence. The simple presence of these buildings will make many mischievous youngsters shake in their PF Flyers—making them think twice about committing an unlawful act.

Cost Efficient:

At Starrco, our design capabilities allow us to provide modular offices that meet the most complex specifications. Our pre-assembled guard shacks are designed to provide years of maintenance free service. The structural members are either anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish. Walls, ceiling and floor have a solid impact resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl covered finish. Windows and sliding doors are aluminum finish, swing doors are commercial grade steel, making these structures energy efficient as well.

Not only are modular office systems better for the environment, they also save time. On-site construction limits the speed of completion. While the foundation for the site is being poured, the fundamental modular pieces can be built, cutting the construction time in half. The materials in a guard shack are pre-cut, mitered, and completely finished, allowing the installation process to be quick and mess free.

Thinking about installing guard shacks at your school? Need a portable building? Call Starrco at 800.325.4259.

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