Top 10 Reasons to use Modular Offices: Part 3

We are down to the final part of our series, “Top 10 Reasons to use Modular Offices”. In our previous post we covered discussed why modular office systems are “environmentally friendly”, provide “clean construction” and offer “tax depreciation advantages”. Now we close out this series with the structural and monetary benefits of modular office systems.

7. Better sound deadening options. When designing for noise control it is important to choose a service provider who has a proven record of manufacturing facilities with quality noise control levels. No matter how much you love your workplace, sometimes you don’t want to hear it. Starrco’s modular office systems meet OSHA’s standards of noise reduction; keeping workers safe and sound. These modular constructions create comfortable work environments, even within loud manufacturing plants.

8. Costs less than traditional construction. Traditionally, a construction project requires multiple crews, including but not limited to contractors, carpenters, and painters; modular construction only requires one crew of individuals for the entire installation process. The speed of construction, as we have previously mentioned, substantially lowers the total project costs. Although costs do vary depending on the office’s ceiling height, wall panels, doors, windows, and other options, Starrco’s modular office systems range from $20 to $40 a square foot.

9. Pre-engineered. Starrco offers different types of pre-engineered office wall systems with 3” thick panels. Pre-engineered wall systems allow for multiple configurations. Each system feature different design characteristics that meet an array of office requirements.

10. Can be modified to better fit your needs. Modular offices serve the masses. These buildings can be used as solutions to many different needs including: clean rooms, computer rooms, conference rooms, administrative offices, and break rooms, to name a few. These structures can be erected and dismantled with little effort and modified multiple times to adjust to new situations. There is no limit to what a modular building can do.

Keep a look out for our next blog for more insight into the world of modular construction.

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