Reasons to Choose Starrco Modular Enclosures Over Typical Construction

  1. Starrco products are pre-engineered: No need to incur the costs of an architect or engineer to design a Starrco modular enclosure, because our portable building systems are pre-engineered. We design them in collaboration with the customer. Each Starrco project includes detailed CAD drawings and a bill of materials. If you should require engineering calculations and sealed drawings, we can provide them for your project. Our preassembled booth systems are designed to meet most building codes.
  2. Ease of Coordination: “Permanent” construction requires a number of contractors and sub-contractors. Coordinating and scheduling of these multiple contractors takes more of your time (and patience?) than one crew doing the entire installation.
  3. Appearance: Pre-fabricated components allow us to ensure a consistent, high quality appearance with every installation. Also, each modular enclosure we do can integrate with any others you have in order to provide a clean, consistent, and professional look.
  4. Speedy Installation: A medium sized in-plant modular office can be assembled in a few days, compared to “permanent” construction which can take several weeks – especially when dealing with multiple contractors. Plant disruptions are reduced to a minimum, eliminating costly productivity losses often caused by the distractions of construction. The cost savings can be significant.
  5. No Mess: Since all our components are prefabricated, there is no need to seal off areas to protect against the dust and the mess associated with drywall, paint, tape, etc. Plus, you’re not faced with detailed cleaning of equipment afterwards. Eliminating these related costs can result in substantial savings for modular construction.
  6. Low Maintenance: Our Starrco modular office panels feature a mar-resistant, prefinished vinyl coating (plus optional FRP or painted aluminum or steel surfaces) that maintain their attractive appearance for years. With office panels, there will be no need for repeated painting and repair associated with standard drywall construction.
  7. Are Your Requirements Challenging? If your project is large and/or “complicated,” we are not intimidated. Whether it’s a storage roof, modular two-story building, internal restrooms (and showers), lunchroom with a sink, stairways, attaching heavy items to the walls, special architectural glazing, custom ceilings and light fixtures, or most any other non-standard item, we can provide it for you.
  8. Adaptability: The greatest demand on business today is the ability to respond to change. If you need additional space or the original configuration becomes obsolete, modular enclosure layouts can be modified to meet changing needs. You can even have your preassembled booth moved to another facility and reused and/or reconfigured.
  9. Starrco Buildings are “Green”: Unlike “permanent” construction, which must be demolished and rebuilt, Starrco components including modular office panels, can be reused over and over again. It’s not only good for the environment; it saves you significant money when it’s time to make a change.
  10. Accelerated Depreciation: Most tax laws allow favorable depreciation schedules on modular enclosures. Our portable building systems qualify for a seven-year depreciation period while conventional construction requires 39 years. When you put up an enclosure in your plant, at some point it will almost inevitably be in the way. If it’s “permanent” construction, you have to decide whether to demolish it and spend the extra money to do so. If you don’t want to demolish it, you have to figure out how to reconfigure your manufacturing process to account for this enclosure. Which option is less painful?

Permanently constructed enclosures aren’t “permanent” after all. Starrco modular enclosures are!

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