Understanding the Modular Cleanroom Construction Process

So, you’re trying to figure out what to expect from the cleanroom construction process. There’s a lot that happens in between design, construction, and installation. From an initial assessment of your cleanroom needs to the final inspection — let’s talk about the modular cleanroom construction process.

The Modular Cleanroom Construction Process

While we can’t speak for every cleanroom supplier, we can give you insight into how our process works. We start with a thorough assessment of your needs and goals, which we use to shape and customize the design of your cleanroom environment to meet your specifications.

After the design is reviewed and approved by your team, your cleanroom panels are prefabricated offsite and then shipped to you for simple, fast assembly and installation. Once your cleanroom trades are connected and final inspections complete, your finished cleanroom is ready to use — a complete turnkey solution.

To break this down a bit further, let’s walk through each step of the Starrco modular cleanroom construction process.

Step 1: Modular Cleanroom Needs Assessment

The first step is understanding what you need from your modular cleanroom. Typically this will be a meeting or site visit which includes assessment of:

  • Your application & industry
  • ISO Classification and industry standards
  • Facility space & footprint
  • Special machinery or equipment requirements
  • Your project goals

From the discovery, we’ll learn the parameters of your project, and develop a direction moving forward. We’ll answer questions like:

  • Can we build in your existing facility, or are we starting from scratch?
  • Will your cleanroom systems be powerful enough to meet your classification requirements?
  • What special features will set you up for success?

Everything we learn will inform your cleanroom design and build, so we deliver the perfect solution to your needs.

Step 2: Modular Cleanroom Design Begins

With a complete understanding of what you need, and where you’d like to install it, we can develop a comprehensive design for your new cleanroom. Our experts will determine what materials are best for your cleanroom classification, and will work out exactly where to place key features like airlocks, gowning rooms, pass-through windows, and more.

We’ll also plan out details like the placement of fan filter units and design the airflow pattern that helps your cleanroom work efficiently to change the air and remove contaminants. All of the components and their functions are mapped out, so once the cleanroom is put together onsite, every piece works together to help you reach your goals.

Step 3: Cleanroom Design Review and Approval

Once we’ve completed your cleanroom design with what we’ve learned from our assessment, your team will have a chance to review the design and make any additional requests or changes. Your feedback helps us tailor the cleanroom design to exactly what you need, and we’ll make sure any changes are incorporated to your standards.

When you’re satisfied with the design, modular cleanroom construction can begin!

Step 4: Modular Cleanroom Fabrication Begins

The fabrication team gets to work on your complete cleanroom solution at our factory. We manufacture each component for your new modular cleanroom according to the exact specifications identified in your approved design. Each component is precision-engineered and prefabricated in our controlled environment.

What’s the difference between prefabrication and modular cleanroom construction?

Prefabrication is the method of manufacturing modular cleanroom panel components in a controlled, off-site facility. Starrco modular panels are prefabricated to include insulation and aluminum extrusions that can act as electrical raceways to meet equipment requirements at your site. Many ceiling and lighting options are available to meet ISO Class and industry standards for your specific cleanroom.

Modular cleanroom construction is a method of cleanroom building that involves assembling those prefabricated components on-site. Because all components have been precision-engineered to fit together easily during construction, installation is simple, fast, and works to ensure the final product delivers you the cleanest possible environment. An added benefit of modular cleanroom construction is that those prefabricated components are easily moved or reconfigured as your facility grows.

Prefabrication and modular cleanroom construction work together to reduce installation time, and deliver a higher quality product — so you end up with exactly the cleanroom you need, exactly when you need it.

Since we take care to plan thoroughly during the assessment, planning, and design stages, this part of the modular cleanroom construction process moves quickly. For most cleanrooms that Starrco designs, the fabrication stage takes just a few weeks to complete.

Step 5: Your Modular Cleanroom is Shipped to Your Loading Dock for Simple, Fast Installation

With every component accounted for and labeled, your modular cleanroom is packaged and shipped directly to your jobsite. Every component arrives for simple installation. Choose to have a small crew come to help with installation, or DIY with your own team.

Detailed instructions make installation simple, so you can have your cleanroom up and running faster than traditional construction methods — which means you can start generating business and profits sooner, too.

Step 6: Trade Connections & Final Inspections

Once your cleanroom is installed, you can schedule trades to complete the final connections. Since modular cleanroom components arrive with electrical components, wall cut-outs, windows and doors, the process is simple.

All that’s left is the final inspection. This is also a great time to schedule your third-party testing to ensure your new modular cleanroom meets your ISO classifications and any industry-specific standards.

Modular cleanroom construction is a fast, efficient, and mess-free way to get exactly the cleanroom you want, on your schedule. Most manufacturers of cleanrooms and controlled environments will use a modular cleanroom construction process that includes thorough design, build, and installation stages.

The Starrco difference is in the time we take to understand your cleanroom needs, delivering the right cleanroom for you, no matter your application. Talk to the experts at Starrco to get started on the ideal cleanroom for your project and get a free quote today.

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