Equipment Enclosures: What They Are And What They’re Used For

Industrial equipment is both costly and sensitive. Equipment enclosures provide the safe, protected, and organized space you need to keep your equipment and your team safe, and they also help maximize the space you have within your facility. Let’s take a closer look at what equipment enclosures are, and what they’re used for.

What are Equipment Enclosures?

Equipment enclosures, at their most basic, provide the safe, controlled environment that sensitive machinery needs to last and maintain peak performance for as long as possible.

There are a number of ways to establish equipment enclosures, but prefabricated equipment enclosures are certainly the fastest and most cost-efficient way to do so. Built to your specifications in a controlled facility, prefabricated equipment enclosures are assembled to ensure the final product exactly fits your facility’s requirements. When complete, prefabricated equipment enclosures are delivered directly to your facility, ready for final, fast installation.

If you’re looking for an equipment enclosure that protects your machinery, fits your budget, and is custom-designed to suit your space, then a prefabricated equipment enclosure is likely the best option for you.

Why Choose a Prefabricated Equipment Enclosure?

Prefabricated equipment enclosures provide a number of benefits for any facility, including:

Protect Equipment from the Elements

The primary benefit of any prefabricated equipment enclosure is environmental protection. Many facilities need to install large machinery, like air compressors, outside of the facility in order to save production space.

Prefabricated equipment enclosures are designed and built to withstand the elements, providing that sensitive equipment a controlled environment. Unlike other equipment enclosure construction options, prefabricated construction ensures equipment enclosures are built with the highest-quality materials. Wherever your prefabricated equipment enclosure is installed, it can stand the tests of time.

Superior Environmental Controls

Prefabricated equipment enclosures are built in a highly controlled environment and with the very best materials available. This allows for precise construction that maintains a tight seal around your machinery. With quality construction, environmental controls are easy to add, offering the potential to maintain temperature, light, noise, and humidity, all within one prefabricated equipment enclosure.

Safe Sound Control

Prefabricated equipment enclosures can also be designed to provide sound control. Sensitive machinery, like CMM machines, require very quiet environments, but must often be placed just off the production line to facilitate efficient product inspection. A prefabricated equipment enclosure can deliver the sound control that sensitive machinery needs to accurately measure parts, without taking them off the line.

Clean, Safe Installation, Even When Building Around Existing Equipment

Prefabricated equipment enclosures are built using modular construction techniques that eliminate the mess and chaos associated with traditional construction. Forget dust, debris and loud construction sites. Because prefabricated equipment enclosures are built off-site, they are shipped directly to your facility with all pieces pre-measured and ready for installation.

Installation only requires that a small, low skilled, construction crew piece together the prefabricated components. This not only leads to a much faster installation process, but also makes it possible to safely build around existing equipment. With no need for onsite cutting, existing equipment isn’t subjected to the dirt and noise of traditional construction.

Custom Equipment Enclosure Design

Finally, prefabricated equipment enclosures can be designed to suit your unique application. Whether you need a large enclosure for oversized machinery, or an enclosure with a high level of environmental control, modular construction makes it easy to customize the equipment enclosure that best suits your machinery, your facility, and your budget. You get all the features you need, and none you don’t.

Common Equipment Enclosure Applications

Prefabricated equipment enclosures are ideal for a range of applications, including:

CMM and Digital Printing Rooms

Provide the safe, quiet, and environmentally controlled space that sensitive machinery needs to properly perform daily tasks.

Control Rooms

Keep electronics safe, and provide control room employees with the safe, quiet space they need to manage those sensitive systems.

Pump Enclosures

Maintaining a moderate temperature and a dry environment can help ensure pumps function properly for years to come.

Indoor Equipment Enclosures

No matter what type of equipment your facility houses, a prefabricated enclosure can help ensure it’s kept safe from the dirty, dusty production environment around it. Indoor equipment enclosures help prolong the life of machinery by providing an ideal operating environment.

Machine Enclosures

Specialty machinery is essential to the daily operation of your facility. Keep those high-value machines safe and well cared for with a prefabricated equipment enclosure that can maintain temperature ranges, humidity levels, and more.

Looking for prefabricated enclosures that fit your company needs and your timeline? Starrco has options. Our prefabricated equipment enclosures are designed to suit your application, and with a number of quick-ship product options, we’re able to deliver that solution exactly when you need it. For more information, reach out to the Starrco team.

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