4 Benefits of a Modular Tool Room Inside Your Facility

Also known as a tool crib or a tool cage, a tool room is a dedicated space in your facility that is designed to secure and organize important tools. From electronics like hand-held devices to more traditional options like drills and power tools, a tool room offers every item its own space and provides protection to ensure those tools are securely locked away when not in use.

A modular tool room is one that is manufactured from the highest-quality modular wall systems, ensuring superior security, insulation, and customization. While there are a number of ways to build a tool room, modular construction offers a few significant benefits, including:

1. Improved Security

Modular components are available with a range of security features. Install your modular tool room with specific access requirements, ensuring that expensive tools are kept safe and monitored at all times. Even if specific access requirements are not necessary, the durable, sturdy construction that modular panels provide ensures that when locked, all tools are kept safe.

2. Custom Tool Room Organization

Every facility has tools that are unique to that facility’s specific application. For that reason, no two tool rooms are exactly the same, which is where modular construction provides a wealth of benefits. Unlike other construction options, modular tool rooms are designed specifically for your facility. That means that every tool and piece of equipment gets its own designated space. With proper organization, tools are always where your employees expect to find them, which means faster, more productive work.

3. Longer Equipment Life

Building a tool room has been shown to create a culture of tool maintenance and repair. When you have someone assigned to operate the tool room, check each tool in and out, and inspect every tool upon repair, your facility has close eyes on the condition of every tool in your facility. This makes it much easier to assess when equipment needs maintenance or repair, which in turn extends the overall life of the tool.

4. More Efficient Management of High-Value Inventory

For most facilities, the tools stored in the tool room are some of the most costly and important pieces of equipment in the entire facility. From specialty machinery to high-value parts, the tool room is responsible for housing essential inventory. With a tool room, you can begin to implement management processes that give your company greater insight into how these tools are used, and how often.

Using the same example as above, let’s say your tool room has a manager who is responsible for checking every tool in and out of the tool room. If the log sheet shows that a certain tool is always checked out, or that there’s a waitlist for a certain tool, now your company has the insight necessary to schedule the next job or to justify purchasing another of the same tool, thereby improving productivity.

Why Choose a Modular Tool Room?

Tool rooms are one of the most important rooms in any facility with high-value equipment and machinery. When you choose modular construction for your tool room, you get the added benefit of improved security and durability, custom organization and design, improved equipment performance, and greater insight into the daily functions of your facility.

The Starrco team is proud to design and build custom tool rooms to suit the needs of any application. From large machinery to tiny screws, nuts, and bolts, we can develop the modular tool room that best suits your needs.

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