Partitions & Modular Walls

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Starrco partitions and modular wall solutions offer you the flexibility you need to configure your offices and workspaces in the way that best suits your team’s daily operations. Often used to create executive offices, conference rooms, and employee workspaces, Starrco’s modular office partitions fit into your existing space to help create the attractive, quiet, and productive workspace your company is looking for. Whatever your project or space requirements, Starrco can engineer the perfect office wall system to meet your needs.  

What Are Modular Office Partitions?

Modular office partitions are a versatile, attractive product that works to create, separate, or reconfigure office space within your facility. Designed and constructed to fit the sleek, professional look that represents your office, modular partitions and walls are built to help you make the best use of your existing office space for years to come. 

Common Applications for Modular Office Partitions & Walls

Modular office partitions and walls can be used to redefine any space within a building, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. While they are suitable for an expansive range of projects, here are just a few of the most popular applications for Starrco modular office partitions and walls. 

Reconfigure Space Within an Existing Office

Whether your team is growing or you’re hoping to add on a new conference room, modular office partitions and walls help you reconfigure your existing office space in the way that best compliments your daily operations. With half-walls, window walls, and full-length partitions available, there are many ways to make better use of your existing space by implementing modular office walls or partitions. 

Isolate a Workspace Within a Larger Facility

In-plant offices, employee break rooms, and even observation rooms are all great examples of ways you might use partitions and modular walls to isolate a workspace within a larger facility. Because modular components can be built as free-standing structures or off of existing walls in your building, they give you the flexibility to create the workspace you need within a larger warehouse or manufacturing facility. 

Create a Temporary Office

Whether you’re starting work at a new construction site or your laboratory is completing field research, sometimes you need a temporary office that you can have installed quickly, but that’s also flexible enough to move or reconfigure down the road. Modular walls and partitions offer exactly those capabilities, offering fast delivery and simple set-up. When you’re done with your temporary office, you have the option to simply move it somewhere else, or break it down and store it until your team needs it again. 

Build a Conference Room or Executive Office

It’s easy to think of modular office partitions and walls as simple vinyl panels, but they’re actually available in a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes to suit nearly any application. If your building or facility is looking to install an attractive conference room or executive office, modular partitions and walls can deliver with beautiful full-length glass options or sleek, solid finishes for greater privacy.

Why Choose Starrco Modular Office Partitions & Walls?

If you’re interested in modular office partitions & walls for your building, Starrco can deliver the very best in quality and custom solutions. All of our modular office partitions and walls are precision-engineered to your exact specifications in our dedicated manufacturing facilities. Here are a few of the benefits that come with choosing Starrco: 

Shorter Time to Deliver

Starrco modular office partitions and walls are shipped in weeks, not months. As soon as you put in your order, our team gets to work manufacturing exactly the components you need for your new temporary office, in-plant office, or conference room. Every component is pre-assembled and labeled in our facility, and then shipped directly to your door, where a small crew can install the entire project in just days. 

Custom Solutions

Because Starrco manufactures our modular office partitions & walls according to your specifications, we’re able to accommodate a wide range of custom requests for your project. From the size of your project to the features you’ll require, our modular office solutions are designed to suit your needs. 

High-Quality Construction

Starrco modular office partitions and walls are made from high-quality materials and can offer the sleek, professional look your corporate environment requires. From long glass wall panels to more private solid panels, our products are manufactured in dedicated, controlled environments where we can ensure every component meets our high-quality standards before it’s shipped to your jobsite.

Minimal Mess

Because all Starrco products are built in our facilities, not in your office, we are able to minimize much of the mess that’s typically associated with an in-office construction project. Our modular office partitions and walls are shipped to you ready to install, which means you don’t have to deal with weeks of construction crews walking through your office. When your components arrive on-site, a small crew can complete installation in just days, helping to minimize any mess, noise, or disruption to your daily operations.

Starrco Modular Office Partitions & Walls

If you’re looking to renovate, expand, or reconfigure your building, Starrco’s modular office partitions and walls are the ideal solution. Fast, flexible, and built to stand up to decades of wear and tear, our products are made to fit your environment. For more information, get in touch with the Starrco team.