Faurecia Case Study

Showcase Office & Cafeteria for Automotive Plant


Faurecia needed a bigger break room, space for lockers, and more office space. The only things they knew for sure about the project was that factory production could not stop, an existing drywall structure would have to be demolished, and floor space was limited.


They contacted McCormick Equipment Co. McCormick turned to Starrco because when the project is complex, you need the best partner you can get. After exploring a variety of options, they settled on a large, open-plan, two-story layout.


The final building is comfortable and bright. With numerous windows on both levels you can see inside the structure from across the plant floor. The customer calls it a “showcase.”


Faurecia, one of the largest automotive parts manufacturers in the world, needed to expand a building that housed a production office at its Dayton, Ohio plant.  The nearby lunch area was cramped and open to the factory floor.

The company turned to McCormick Equipment Co. In Cincinnati, Ohio, an independent Starrco dealer and partner, to explore what they could do. A modular solution, pre-engineered off-site and fast to install, was the best choice.

Picking the right partner

From the start, Cole Wesley from McCormick could see this project was going to be complicated. His company had not handled a modular enclosure project of this scope before. He knew putting together the right team would be critical.

He called one of his best vendors — Starrco. McCormick had represented Starrco for many years and Cole knew their modular buildings were high quality.

“When I call them with a question, I get the right answer quickly. Starrco has a level of support we don’t get from other vendors.” —Cole Wesley, McCormick Equipment Co.

Scope of work

The new building is 60 feet long by 32 feet wide. Faurecia saved money by using the factory’s exterior concrete wall as the fourth wall of their new Starrco building.

The ground floor houses the modular cafeteria, which has a modern market-style café and vending machine area, along with some HR offices. Supervisors and managers have spacious office facilities on the floor above.

Large window panels wrap both floors and make what could have been a box-like building into a translucent showpiece.


Custom engineering solutions

All Starrco buildings are custom designed and manufactured, but this project presented Starrco designers with some unique challenges.

“I think we pushed engineering to the brink. We took the ideas the customer had and then worked with the engineering group. It was a complex project, and I couldn’t just say yes.” —Cole Wesley, McCormick Equipment Co.

• Removable wall panel

Because Faurecia would need to move furniture or equipment into the second floor after completion, they asked for a big door. But, as it would be for infrequent use, Starrco designers suggested a removable wall panel would be less expensive and a more attractive option. The panel looks just like the rest of the 60-ft wall, so it does not distract from the building’s aesthetics. It can be removed or replaced in just 15 minutes.


• Open plan spaces

Faurecia needed the break room to be completely open on the lower level with no interior columns to interfere with furniture or block sight lines. Starrco’s heavy-duty, load-bearing wall system was able to accommodate this request. The wall structure allowed for support steel to clear span the entire 32-foot width of the lower level.

• Protecting the HVAC equipment

The new building uses every inch of available floor space, so there was no good location for HVAC equipment. Starrco solved the problem by fabricating an extra-large, eight-foot by four-foot landing at the top of the staircase. The equipment fits neatly in the space below. 

Smooth Installation

Five weeks after installation began, the building was completed. During installation, all Faurecia’s daily operations continued unaffected, the installation took up virtually no more floor space than the Starrco building itself, and it produced almost no debris.

“The ease of installation and how it went together was nice. I would definitely recommend Starrco.”—Joe Rajchel, Maintenance Supervisor, Faurecia