5 Reasons to Choose Modular Construction

Is your office too small to keep up with your company’s rapidly growing operations and space requirements? If you’re thinking about expanding your office or relocating it, then you need to consider Starrco modular office systems.

Starrco’s pre-assembled units give clients the opportunity to install completely customizable offices for different applications in a short period of time — versatility that no other type of construction can match!

These are the top five reasons why you should go modular:

  1. Quick construction and installation: The typical construction process of these pre-fabricated units is 30% shorter than a traditional drywall construction, while the installation can be completed over a weekend.
  2. Easy installation: Units are pre-engineered and equipped. Each project includes a set of easy-to-follow instructions and CAD-generated drawings along with all the necessary accessories and tools.
  3. Flexibility: Starrco modular office systems can be completely relocated and reassembled. In addition, transportation costs are fairly inexpensive and usually offset liabilities of leaving material on-site.
  4. Customization: Starrco offers a wide variety of options that allow clients to select the combination of finishes, colors and materials that best suit their needs.
  5. Tax advantage: The potential for mobility or re-location allows Starrco units to be classified as “tangible property,” which provides companies the tax advantage of seven years of depreciation, as opposed to 39 years required with regular construction.

When it comes to construction, traditional is not always the best option. Evaluate Starrco as an option and confirm why our modular offices are the most convenient for you. Visit our website and contact us to learn more!

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