A Match: Computer Room Enclosures and the Modular Office

Putting together a floor plan for your modular office space can be a daunting task. There’s making sure that your break rooms are placed and assembled properly; there’s environmental concerns that may negatively impact productivity and efficiency; and there’s determining your electrical needs within your workspace.

And then there’s creating space to accommodate your computer labs.

Starrco manufactures modular computer room enclosures for office spaces that provide a secure infrastructure for your information technology (IT) solutions. These portable computer rooms are delivered to your facility pre-assembled, allowing for easy setup and onsite installation while saving you time, money and resources.

Thanks to insulated walls and raised flooring, these pre-assembled units are built to store and manage your electronic equipment and wiring in a temperature-controlled environment — vital for any computer or networking stations. These modular office solutions offer protection from elements that may cause damage, including humidity, fluids, electro-magnetic fields and other outside materials that could negatively impact your productivity or destroy your equipment.

When properly configured, Starrco’s modular computer rooms present a cost-effective solution for all your workspace and modular office system needs. To learn more about these fully scalable and easy to setup portable computer room office enclosures, visit our website and contact us today!

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