Modular Offices Applications

Did you know modular construction has endless applications? Starrco’s pre-assembled units are versatile enough that companies can use them for virtually any type of construction project, including industrial plants, business offices — even school facilities.

In the case of educational institutions, modular offices constitute a practical alternative for additions (such as classrooms, libraries, administrative offices and additional stories) given that they can be modified or expanded at any time. Additionally, these pre-fabricated units deliver the same performance and durability as conventional permanent construction.

Starrco modular office systems are built to meet any kind of specification. As an example, dimensions can go from 8’ x 8’ to multi-story configurations, depending on customers’ requirements. Units can be fully equipped and pre-designed in order to be ready after installation. Incidentally, installation can be typically done over a weekend, reducing operational downtime.

Some of the features on Starrco modular rooms include:

  • Windows
  • Functional electrical systems
  • Anodized aluminum/steel construction
  • Optional climate control systems
  • Optional counters

Starrco is a leader in the industry on exceeding engineering and construction standards for modular office systems. Trust no other company for your construction needs than Starrco. Visit our website or contact us to learn about all the products we offer.

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