Moving Your Office, Walls, Windows ‘n All

One of the problems with moving, in fact with change in general, is the cost of lost investment.

Even if you only need to move across the warehouse, you may be leaving the offices, process enclosures, and even the carpet behind. That buildout you’ve invested so much in, could be going to the landfill.

Add the cost of rebuilding. Now think of the down time while you reconstruct. Ouch – that can add up!

“Imagine how much you’d save if you could take everything with you?” said Starrco National Sales Manager Steve Schmidt.

With Starrco modular buildings, you can preserve your investment and the move – dismantle, move, reassemble – is quick and easy.

Seven ways Starrco makes moving easy

  1. Each and every part is numbered
    Every piece of every modular building Starrco manufactures is labeled so it is easy to reassemble after a move.
  2. We’ve got your drawings
    Starrco archives your AutoCAD drawing, so even if you call us in 10 years, we’ll still have your blueprints on file.
  3. You can change it
    We can manufacture new modular building parts if you need to change or reconfigure your space at your new location.
  4. Power can be reconfigured too
    Every Starrco building has power raceways (wiring studs) every four feet. That means you can have power wherever you need it.
  5. No demo team required
    Taking down or moving a Starrco modular building is easy. You don’t need a contractor; a two-person maintenance crew can generally dismantle a 600 square feet office in a day. You may need to disconnect utilities such as power and water.
  6. Packs flat and goes on a truck
    Your dismantled modular building can be packed up for shipment and put on a truck – after all, that is how it arrived at your site in the first place.
  7. Don’t even need a tape measure
    Reassembly of modular office spaces requires little more than a drill and a screwdriver. Just follow the drawings. Many crews are just two people.
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