New Auto Plant Offices Built in Just 5 Weeks

Faurecia calls its new Starrco building a showcase!

Last spring, everyone at the Faurecia automotive-parts plant in Dayton, Ohio was aware of the progress. They could see the new office and cafeteria taking shape across the plant.

Just five weeks from the start of construction, the modular industrial building was move-in ready.

Not long after, workers were invited to the new cafeteria to watch a time-lapse video of the project so they could see exactly how this impressive 60 by 32-foot structure was built so fast.

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“The ease of installation and how it went together was nice. I would definitely recommend Starrco.”
-Joe Rajchel, Maintenance Supervisor, Faurecia

Dealer support and client collaboration

The local dealer, McCormick Equipment Company Inc. worked closely with the Starrco team to help Faurecia define the scope of work and how to accomplish the unique modular building design which included a clear-span lower level, a section with removable walls on the second floor, and a creative solution that protects the HVAC equipment.

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“I think we pushed engineering to the brink. We took the ideas the customer had and then worked with the engineering group. It was a complex project, and I couldn’t just say yes.”
-Cole Wesley, McCormick Equipment Co.

The building program

The new, two-story building is bright, open-plan, and wrapped in window panels. It has a spacious, market-style café, along with ample comfortable offices for HR and management.


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