New Office Space for Whirlpool Distribution Center: Zero Hassle

When you need more office space, but shutting down operations for construction is just not possible, what options do you have?

To answer that question, management at the Whirlpool distribution center in Ohio, called in Mark Schmunk, CEO of Foundations Construction LLC.

The Challenge

  • Urgent need for additional office space.
  • Construction could not interrupt warehouse operations.
  • Dirt and disruption had to be kept to a minimum.
  • Both quality and price were important.

The Solution

Starrco offered an excellent product that protected Whirlpool’s uptime – the 750 square foot pre-fabricated modular office was ready 75 percent faster than conventional construction could have done the job.

“Modular was perfectly suited for this application,” said Mark.

No Mess
The building components were prefabricated offsite, so all the dust and mess happened at Starrco, not at Whirlpool.

Easy Install
The entire building was delivered ready to assemble.

The Outcome

The feedback from Whirlpool has been excellent. Management was pleased with the entire process, the price, and the minimized disruption. The employees are pleased with their new workspace too.

“As far as modular office and construction goes, I cannot think of anything that would have made it better,” said Mark. “Starrco is a good organization.”

Mark was so happy with the whole experience; he wants to do more modular projects. He has quoted Starrco for other jobs since completing the new office at Whirlpool.

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