Pre-Engineered Construction: Ideal for Clean Manufacturing Environments

No one likes the dust and debris caused by construction projects, but in clean manufacturing environments for medical devices, pharmaceutical products, semiconductors, and electronics, construction debris could be hazardous.

Starrco’s pre-engineered modular clean room technology offers a solution.

Each cleanroom is manufactured at our St. Louis manufacturing facility. That means all the sawing, sanding and other construction mess happens off-site and away from your production facility.

Starrco’s modular cleanrooms are manufactured and installed 75 percent faster than conventional construction. All the finished pre-engineered construction parts are flat-packed and shipped to your facility ready for install.

Air-tight seal
Walls, floors, and ceilings are precision-cut with smooth edges and precisely mitered joints to ensure a tight, air-leak proof construction and assembly. This facilitates air particle filtration, and the control of air flow, pressure, temperature, and humidity.

Starrco modular cleanrooms are ISO Class 5 to Class 8, USP compliant.

To talk to a modular cleanroom expert about how Starrco custom designs and manufactures cleanrooms call (800) 325-4295.

Download the Starrco Cleanroom Brochure (PDF)

Built for Air-Cleaning Systems

Air-handling and cleaning systems are an important mechanical part of most cleanrooms. To facilitate the efficient working of your air cleaner, our plenums and interior surfaces are made from non-particulate shedding materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, and pre-finished aluminum.

What is a once-through system?
Air is drawn from outside the cleanroom through fan-powered HEPA filters in the ceiling and then expelled outside through wall grills.

What is a recirculating system?
A fan continuously circulates room air via sealed wall plenums so it can be cleaned and filtered by the ceiling-mounted HEPA filter unit.

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