The Building Blocks of Modular Offices

It’s safe to say that those who are advocates of modular office construction agree that the materials used to build these facilities trump those of conventional construction. The modular end-user, for example, can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of a modular office… from the ease and flexibility of the design to the significant tax advantages.

The question arises: Does a modular customer truly understand the materials used to complete the finished product? If you do not, there’s no cause for concern… we at Starrco are here to ensure that you know exactly what makes up your modular office.

When broken down into individual materials, the wall system of a modular office is typically the most notable to an end-user. Starrco wall systems are all 3” thick and completely self-contained, which allows for easy reconfiguration. At Starrco, we use two different wall systems: STARRSPACE 3000 and STARRSPACE 3500. We’ve provided a product break-down for you here…


The innovatively designed STARRSPACE 3000 (SS3000) is a two-piece stud that allows both sides of the wall to be equipped with electrical devices and communication receptacles. This modular office wall system allows removal and replacement of a wall panel without disrupting adjacent panels. This design also allows the system to be easily revised as your needs change.


Made of structural-grade extruded aluminum, the STARRSPACE 3500 (SS3500) stud acts as a structural column on spaces with long clear spans, on two story structures or for load bearing roofs. The stud system will accommodate steel tube inserts for additional load bearing capabilities. The 3500 also is available in special heights, if necessary.

Although there are some differences between the two Starrco wall systems, the make-up of the SS3000 and the SS3500 are very similar. Here are the characteristics they share…

Wall Panels

  • Sandwich-type construction with ½” vinyl covered gypsum board laminated to both sides of 2″ thick noncombustible 1 lb. density expanded polystyrene core.
  • Total panel thickness is 3″.
  • Panel carries a Class A flame spread when tested in accordance to ASTM-E-84.
  • Insulation value R-11.

Optional Finishes

  • Wall coverings include painted aluminum, painted steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), Melamine, cork, PVC, etc.

Wire Studs

  • Extruded studs from 6063 aluminum alloy with T6 temper.
  • Wire studs allow for electrical, data processing and communication lines to be run vertically in a raceway accessible from a removable cover plate.
  • Gives system the capability of removing a panel without disturbing the adjacent panels.

Floor and Ceiling Track

  • Track shall be extruded from 6063 aluminum alloy with T6 temper.
  • Track shall be precut and mitered to eliminate need for field cutting.
  • Overall thickness of system at floor and ceiling track is 3-7/16″


  • The aluminum extrusions are available in “Khaki”, White or Grey baked on painted finish.
  • Special color finishes are available.


  • Available in the following standard heights: 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′.
  • Systems over 8′ tall may have spliced panels depending upon the panel construction or finish.

Regardless of the complexity of your next modular office project, either of these Starrco wall system options will exceed your expectations. Be sure to check our blog next week for when we provide you with a front seat to how our modular offices are constructed.

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