The Short Punch List Construction Project

A punch list is a list of items that need to be fixed or finished before substantial completion of a construction project. During the final walk-through with your contractor, you may find a nail head popping up, paint splattered on the window trim or even bigger issues. The punch list is also the final document standing between receiving the project of your dreams and the contractor getting paid. No matter how smoothly the project has progressed, punch lists will test the strength of any business relationship.

Going for a zero-item punch list may not be a realistic goal. But with modular construction, your punch list will be significantly smaller. Starrco wall systems are pre-engineered and manufactured to your specification at our facility in St. Louis, Mo., and, according to a recent survey of our customer base, no other manufacturer of modular wall systems delivers better quality and better service more consistently than Starrco.

Conventional Construction Always has a Punch List

Even small projects that use conventional construction are fraught with complexity and challenges that demand you to become a construction project manager in addition to your job! You’re managing the contractor, scheduling multiple trades, managing access in and out of your facility and managing scope creep which will impact your budget and schedule. All of these variables can affect quality and lead to errors or miscommunications that ultimately land on the punch list.

Punch lists are just part of the conventional construction experience and they are at the root of delays and escalating costs.

The Takeaway

Opting for modular construction is the best way to avoid the dreaded multi-page project punch list and to receive the project you want; on time and on budget.

Whoops! What if you need to relocate?

Don’t panic. With Starrco, change is easy. Every part of a Starrco modular building can be dismantled. That means no demolition, and, as all the components are reusable, there is no waste. Even the electrical system can be easily expanded because it is modular too. The flexibility of modular construction means you don’t pay for the same material twice.

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