What Is An In-Plant Office & Why Do I Need One?

Updated: 6-27-2023


Modular offices are a popular and rewarding choice for many organizations. But for organizations in manufacturing, industrial, and warehousing spaces, there’s a subcategory of modular offices that are particularly beneficial: modular in-plant offices.

Let’s talk about what a modular in-plant office is and how it can benefit your facility.

What Is an In-Plant Office?

An in-plant office is an office system built within a warehouse or manufacturing facility in which it’s necessary to provide a separate space away from operational processes. Think of it like an office inside your existing building, but with the ability to turn the space into anything you need — whether that’s a break room, powder coating or paint room, or a security booth.

There’s more that goes on within warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces than just a production line, and employees need a designated area for those activities.

Why Modular?

There are two main construction methods to consider when building an in-plant office: traditional and modular construction. With traditional construction, you’d have to spend more time and resources during the planning and building processes. Those projects can take months, even a year, to complete.

Modular construction is a great alternative that can save your company time and money now and well into the future. It involves manufacturing standardized components (modules) off-site, then transporting them to be assembled on-site. Modular in-plant offices are the ideal solution for manufacturing and warehouse facilities because they’re easy to install, easy to modify, won’t break your budget, and function just as well as traditionally built ones.

7 Uses for a Modular In-Plant Office

Modular in-plant offices can be designed and manufactured to meet the demands of many applications. In most cases, plant supervisors need an administrative area that’s separate from the production floor. An in-plant office provides the ideal solution because it’s not so far from operations that they can’t respond when needed.

In-plant modular offices are also commonly used for:

Whatever tasks your manufacturing or warehouse facility needs a separate space for, in-plant modular offices can likely accommodate them.

Basic Modular In-Plant Office Components and Features

Modular in-plant offices are constructed with high-quality components that function well, last a long time, and look great. They can be customized to meet your facility’s unique specifications, but some of the main components and features used for all are:

  • Wall panels made with an insulated core and your choice of vinyl-covered gypsum, painted aluminum, painted steel, HDPE, or FRP.
  • Structural framing made with aluminum and a powder-coated finish.
  • Windows made with aluminum and a powder-coated finish.
  • Swing doors made with 20-gauge, commercial-grade steel.
  • Modular wiring to offer simple connection of electrical components.
  • ADA-compliant safety features and an optional safety guard railing system.
  • Environmental controls for comfort, such as air conditioning, temperature, lighting, and humidity control.

7 Benefits of Building a Modular In-Plant Office

Now, why do you need a modular in-plant office? If you manage an industrial facility — whether it be manufacturing, factory, or warehouse — you need a clean and quiet space away from the production floor. For that, a modular in-plant office is an ideal solution. Here’s why.

  1. Separate, Yet Nearby Space. Your team has a quiet space away from the noise and a clean space away from the grime — all while being steps away from their work area. Options from Starrco help create quieter spaces, even within a busy warehouse or factory. Your team can work effectively in a separate area but still have full access to your entire facility, saving you the money you might spend on an off-site office.
  2. Better Employee Morale and Retention. A separate space with break rooms, conference rooms, and restrooms gives your employees space to relax and bond. In an in-plant office, your workers can get to know each other because they can hear themselves clearly. Taking a break from the noise and busyness of a production line can also reduce stress and enhance employee happiness and well-being.
  3. Quick and Easy Construction. Modular construction allows in-plant offices to be constructed 75% faster than conventional construction. Enjoy the benefits of your new space faster, with less time and disruption to operations.
  4. Minimal Construction Mess. Modular construction also limits the amount of construction mess and errors, so there are fewer interruptions to your daily operations. Your in-plant office arrives ready for installation. The efficiency of the construction process limits waste and production emissions, making modular offices a more sustainable choice compared to traditional construction.
  5. Durable and Longlasting. Modular components are manufactured with high-quality materials in a controlled offsite environment where they’re precision engineered. Starrco features two options for in-plant offices made from durable 6063 aluminum alloy with T6 temper. Insulated 3-inch walls, tempered safety glass windows, and other details let you use your new space with full confidence.
  6. Changes With You. Modular construction is versatile and scalable, making it simple to expand, renovate, or relocate your in-plant office as needed. At Starrco, we also evaluate your space and review your requirements to create a versatile, custom solution that meets your needs — today and in the future.
  7. Cost-Effective. Modular buildings are affordable and classified as tangible personal property. There are significant tax advantages to purchasing one, including being able to write off the depreciation of your modular office over seven years.

Build Your Modular In-Plant Office With Starrco

If you’d like to build a modular in-plant office in your facility, choose Starrco. Our modular office solutions can provide the spaces you need to get administrative work done and keep your employees happy — all of which contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Our process begins with a consultation, where we get to know your needs and visit your warehouse or facility to examine your space. We’ll then create schematics for you to approve before we start fabrication at our facility. Once your in-plant office is ready, it’s shipped to your location. You can use our directions and CAD drawing to install it yourself, or have our team handle installation for you.

Request a free quote today.Build Your Modular In-Plant Office

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