Modular Office Buildings, Pre-Engineered Systems & Accessories

Avoid the complexity of conventional construction

What is a Modular Office?

A modular office or modular office building is assembled from prefabricated components. The complete system is pre-engineered and developed in a climate-controlled factory. The finished product is delivered directly to the job site where it is easily assembled and installed in mere hours.

Prefabricated modular offices are both permanent and scalable, offering the custom design-build solution that many companies need to be nimble and responsive to market conditions. Modular buildings are ideal for a wide range of applications, from the traditional commercial office to more advanced uses like multi-story in-plant offices, break rooms, cafeterias, equipment enclosures, and more.

Starrco Modular Office Buildings

Starrco established the industry standard for modular office structures in 1965 and we continue to set the bar higher every year with new innovations and improvements in quality. We design and manufacture our offices with the highest-quality materials and according to your exact specifications. When your office is installed, you’ll immediately feel the quality just by opening the door. With solid, well-constructed components, a Starrco modular office is exactly the solution your facility and your employees need.

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Modular is a Smart Investment

Benefits of a Modular Office Building

Planning a new commercial or industrial construction project means you will be faced with many big decisions. Your first choice will be the most significant; the choice between an accelerated precision-engineered prefabricated modular project that offers the best value or traditional construction. Even though you may not be as familiar with prefabricated modular construction, the benefits of this method will quickly convince you to make the right choice.

  • A prefabricated modular office building delivers better quality construction and durability, at a fraction of the cost and on a significantly shorter timeline than traditional construction.
  • A prefabricated modular building from Starrco means significantly less management of the construction site. When you choose a modular office building, you can forget the time and complexity that are associated with managing the various trades, inspectors, and subcontractors.
  • A modular office building can be manufactured, installed, and operational up to 75 percent faster than a conventional construction project of the same size.
  • Starrco buildings are designed to your exact specifications, and prefabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where each wall panel is precision cut to the 1/16th” by experienced craftsmen.
  • When your modular office building arrives ready for assembly, you’ll have every component you need to get your office building up and running, including detailed CAD drawings. Since each part was precision cut and labeled, your modular office is installed in hours or days, not months.

Minimal Impact on Business Operations

Modular office buildings are fast and easy to install. They don’t require weeks of demolition, site preparation, heavy construction, or general disruption to your business operations.

In most cases, you can carry on business as usual as we design and manufacture your modular office building in our facility. Then, it’s shipped to your door, where the installation of your structure will take just hours, with minimal disruption. That means you can forget weeks of loud, messy, disruptive construction that impacts daily operations, safety, and normal work practices.

Modular Office Buildings are a Scalable Solution

Modular doesn’t mean temporary. Starrco modular office buildings can serve your facility’s needs now and in the future. Because modular office buildings are a scalable, responsive solution, they seamlessly adapt to suit your facility if your needs change.

When your facility needs to add on, reconfigure, or make room for additional people or processes, your modular office building is built for scalability. Easily add on to your modular office building with compatible components in the future, shift the location of your modular office building, or add a second story to accommodate more space on your shop floor. Modular office buildings are endlessly scalable, both when you install them, and years down the road as your business needs change. They are a long-term solution that adapts as you do.

Modular Office Buildings Suit Your Budget

In addition to the cost-savings that come with reduced labor and faster installation, modular offices are an economical choice because they are prefabricated in our facility where we can control quality and minimize material waste.

The low total project cost, combined with the long lifespan of a Starrco building and its flexibility for the future, make our modular office buildings the best value in interior construction.

Modular Office Buildings Suit a Wide Range of Applications

Modular office buildings are flexible and durable enough to suit a wide range of applications, from in-plant modular offices to break rooms, executive offices, conference rooms, partition walls, and more. Because modular structures are pre-engineered for your unique facility, they’re a powerful, efficient solution for any industry.

Not sure if your application is a fit for a modular office system? Let us know! We are happy to discuss your project and let you know how a modular office building may be the best choice for you.

Common Applications for Modular Office Buildings

Modular office buildings have been around for decades. Many of us work and live in buildings constructed in full or in part by modular construction, without even knowing it. If you are new to modular office buildings, here are a few of the most common applications for Starrco modular office systems.

Single and Two-Story Modular Offices

Modular offices are designed to suit the unique needs of your building or facility. With engineered components and numerous applications, modular offices are designed to suit a range of office or space needs.

Whether you need a one-story office or large two-story complex, Starrco will design, engineer, and manufacture a modular office solution for your specific needs. From two and three-wall modular offices that integrate with your building’s existing structure to freestanding modular offices, high quality, prefabricated materials make developing the modular office building you need simple, fast, and high-value.


Modular Office Partitions

Modular office partitions allow for the simple, quick reconfiguration of any space. Office partitions are used to implement half-walls, fully divide existing offices, or completely isolate workspaces in a larger facility.

Designed to fit with your existing structure, modular office partitions can help you build an office, conference room, or break room with minimum material requirements. Available in a range of colors and finishes, modular partitions arrive at your facility ready to install with no mess or waste.

Temporary Offices

Temporary modular offices provide all the amenities employees need — shelter, proper lighting, and environment control — when and where you need them. When the job is complete, temporary offices are easily relocated to another site or stored until they’re needed again.

Modular Break Rooms and Cafeterias

On-site break rooms and cafeterias are a great way to foster greater employee communication and boost productivity. When employees have a safe and comfortable location to take breaks and eat their lunch, they’re able to get more done, in less time.

Modular office buildings make for attractive, cost-effective additions to any facility. Choose the design and features that best suit your new break room or cafeteria, and Starrco will deliver all of the necessary components directly to your door.

Computer Room Enclosures

Executive Offices

Modular executive offices deliver the sleek, professional design you desire, without the disruption of an extensive construction project. Modular executive offices are designed according to your specifications — with options including floor-to-ceiling windows, custom color wall panels, executive door options, and more.

Designed and built to precise standards at our facility, your executive office is labeled and shipped directly to you, where on-site installation is quick and convenient.

Executive Office

Key Components of a Modular Office Building

A modular office building, like any modular construction, is a system. Each component of the modular office system is manufactured according to the strictest engineering standards, using only high-quality, durable materials that contribute to the overall longevity of your modular office. Here are a few of the most important components of any modular office building.

Structural Frame

The structural frame is the skeleton of any modular office building or modular system.  Starrco’s modular office building frames are designed to comply with the structural requirements of the International Building Code.

From its load-bearing design to roof deflection and lateral load resistance, a Starrco structural frame is built to meet exacting standards. Quality structural frames — like the one offered with Starrco modular office buildings — can also be designed to meet specific requirements as defined by regional and local codes.

Modular Office Wall Panels

After the structural frame, a modular office’s wall panels are perhaps its most important component. The wall panels are the most prominent feature of the wall system. Modular office wall panels are available in a variety of material combinations and finishes. Common modular office wall panel options include:

  • Attractive floor-to-ceiling glass wall panels
  • High-quality vinyl covered hardboard standard wall panels
  • Sound control wall panels
  • Deluxe, fire-rated wall panels

All panels are available in a range of custom colors and finishes to best compliment your facility’s decor and design.

Modular Office Doors

Modular office doors are key to the functionality of your modular office building. From facilitating entry and exit to maintaining control over interior air temperature or humidity, your modular office door is an integral component of any modular office or building. And Starrco doors are unquestionably the best in the industry.

Choose from a commercial-grade steel door, a wood door, or a glass-paneled door. Starrco modular office doors include the following features:

  • A three-piece steel frame that will never get “out of square”
  • Ball-bearing hinges for smooth opening and closing
  • ¼” tempered safety glass on the top half of the door
  • Innovative door frame that locks into the stud for smooth, hassle-free operation
  • Low profile design that is flush with the wall surface

Modular Office Windows

Modular office windows offer a range of functionality. For in-plant offices, windows allow engineers and operators to clearly see processes on the shop floor. More traditional modular office applications benefit from quality windows that welcome natural light, while executive offices often feature floor-to-ceiling window panels.

Starrco modular office windows offer the following features:

  • ¼” tempered safety glass
  • Meet all applicable ASTM and ANSI standards
  • Special glazing options include sliding windows, full-height windows, and more.

Modular Office Roof Deck and Drop Ceiling System

Modular office buildings make use of a steel roof deck for structural support, which is then combined with a drop ceiling to ensure optimal in-office noise conditions.

Drop ceiling systems, also known as acoustic ceiling systems, are designed to absorb sound and reduce echo, ideal for productive office environments, as well as in-plant offices adjacent to your production line.

Pre-Wired Modular Electrical System

Quality modular office buildings come pre-wired with a quick-connect modular electrical system that’s as easy to put together as snapping wall panels in place. Pre-wired modular electrical systems eliminate the need to hire specialized subcontractors like electricians for long electrical wiring projects, significantly reducing installation time and costs.

Starrco’s modular electrical system package, the Quick-Tric system, is designed to click and connect without fail. Each connection is color-coded and safety keyed to ensure the system cannot be incorrectly connected.

  • The system is 5 wire with 2-circuit capability
  • All wiring is 12 gauge with THHN insulation
  • All components are U.L. listed and meet N.E.C. requirements.
  • Electrician is needed only to hook-up a power source to the breaker box.

Modular Office HVAC System

There are a variety of options available when it comes to providing climate control for modular office buildings. The factor that most influences what type of HVAC system you’ll need is the size of your project. Smaller modular offices can make use of your facility’s existing HVAC system, while larger projects may need a more robust solution. Starrco modular HVAC options include:

  • Pre-charged modular central HVAC

For any modular office larger than 800 square feet, Starrco offers a complete, self-contained HVAC system that can be installed by anyone. This exclusive system is designed to be installed quickly and accurately by anyone on the installation crew.

  • Thru-Wall AC and AC/Heat Combination Units

For smaller in-plant offices and projects, Starrco provides commercial-grade air conditioners and air conditioner/heater combination units. Each unit comes complete with an adjustable thermostat, separate evaporating fan systems, a washable air filter, and energy saver controls.

Starrco’s Superior Pre-Engineered Modular Office Buildings

Starrco is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of pre-engineered modular office buildings and systems. From the high quality of our raw materials to our custom designs to the care we take cutting, labeling, and shipping each component of every modular office solution we deliver, it’s easy to see why Starrco’s modular solutions stand tall.

  • 75% faster installation than any conventional construction crew.
  • All components are manufactured, precision cut, and carefully labeled before they are packaged and shipped directly to your door.
  • Detailed CAD drawing installation instructions provide everything you need for fast assembly.
  • Avoid the construction mess, disruption, and downtime associated with other construction methods.
  • Choose a Starrco modular office building for the custom design you want on the timeline you need.

Starrco Modular Offices

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, flexible solution for your next office, the Starrco team is here to help.