Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms

Coordinate Measuring Machine rooms

When clean is critical, choose Starrco. Coordinate measuring machine rooms require high-quality, reliable components you can trust to protect your investment and ensure your equipment is functioning as it should. Our CMM rooms are manufactured exactly to your specifications, ship quickly, and deliver the long-term, reliable, and flexible solution your facility needs.

What Are CMM Rooms?

Coordinate measuring machine rooms (CMM rooms) are precisely constructed and controlled enclosures. CMM rooms are responsible for providing the clean, temperature-stable space that coordinate measuring machines need to perform precise measurements (oftentimes within .002 of an inch) for manufacturing inspection, gauge calibration, and more. Often installed on or near the line, where temperatures are extreme and the environment is less-than-sterile, CMMs need durable, reliable enclosures that can provide exact temperature stability and a contaminant-free environment.

Key Benefits of a Modular CMM Room

Modular CMM rooms from trusted manufacturers like Starrco are the ideal solution for a number of applications. Key benefits of a modular CMM room include:

Modular CMM Rooms Provide Temperature Stability

Coordinate measuring machines are often installed in parts of factories where extreme temperatures are the norm. While a CMM is needed nearby to quickly and accurately measure parts coming off the line, these extreme temperatures can cause both the machine and the parts to expand or contract, and at different coefficients. If uncontrolled, the CMM will deliver inaccurate measurements that can have a significant, and often expensive, impact on production.

Modular CMM rooms often feature thermal equipment to ensure that within the CMM enclosure, temperatures are stable. With precise environmental controls, coordinate measuring machines are able to deliver precise measurements. This strict temperature stability also works to protect the longevity of your coordinate measuring machines. Safely enclosed in a durable, temperature-controlled CMM room, your CMM is in an ideal environment that minimizes maintenance requirements, and maximizes the life of the machine.

Modular CMM Rooms Deliver a Clean Environment

Modular CMM rooms, especially those provided by manufacturers like Starrco who also construct and deliver cleanrooms, provide a sterile environment that prevents particulate from interfering with important CMM measurements. Similar to modular cleanrooms, CMM rooms can be installed with HVAC and filtration systems that ensure the dust and debris generated on the factory floor or in material handling spaces are kept out of your CMM’s modular enclosure.

Modular CMM Rooms Can Protect from Unauthorized Access

CMMs are essential to the daily operations of your facility. This equipment is both expensive, and sensitive, which is why many factories allow only authorized personnel into CMM enclosures. Modular CMM rooms like Starrco’s can be outfitted to provide secure access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel may enter the CMM room, maintaining the safety and calibration of mission-critical equipment.

Modular CMM Rooms Provide A Secure, Yet Flexible Enclosure for your CMMs

CMM room accessibility is often an overlooked feature, yet it is important to the long-term functionality of your coordinate measuring machines. Traditional construction often builds CMMs right into their enclosures. While this does keep machines secure, it’s problematic in the event that CMMs need maintenance.

Oppositely, modular construction provides a reliable yet flexible construction method that makes it simple to move, service, or even remove your CMMs should your facility’s needs change. Should you require replacement or off-site service of a machine, Starrco modular wall systems can be designed to allow for easy panel removal or engineered to support large overhead doors for easy access. If factory expansion or process adjustments require you to move your CMM room, modular CMM enclosures are relocatable and expandable.

Modular CMM Rooms Ensure Accurate Measurements

Above all, modular CMM enclosures are needed to ensure accurate measurements — no matter where your CMMs are located in your facility. Install your equipment where it best suits your production process with modular CMM rooms that are custom-designed to deliver a carefully controlled environment. Because modular CMM rooms are built to your exact specifications, you can develop an enclosure that provides the precise environmental controls you need, wherever you need it.

CMM Room

Why Choose Starrco CMM Rooms?

Starrco’s custom modular system of construction delivers you a commercial CMM room at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction. Our experience with cleanrooms and controlled environments, combined with our custom design process and exceptionally reliable, durable components delivers the very best in CMM enclosures, at an attractive, affordable investment level. Just a few reasons to choose Starrco’s modular CMM rooms include:

Starrco’s Cleanroom Expertise

As a trusted manufacturer of cleanroom components, the Starrco team brings their experience and expertise in the cleanroom industry to CMM room construction. Our background in cleanrooms enables us to design and engineer controlled environment CMM rooms.

Custom CMM Room Design

Every Starrco CMM enclosure project starts with a careful needs assessment. With a clear picture of exactly what your facility needs, we are able to design and engineer a CMM room that will suit your exact specifications.

Fast Delivery and Installation

Starrco is uniquely positioned to deliver the commercial CMM room that precisely fits your facility, exactly when you need it. With product experts and sales support across the nation, we are able to design, engineer, and ship your custom CMM room in just weeks. Upon arrival, your Starrco modular CMM room is ready to install in just days. All components are labeled and delivered together, accompanied by detailed CAD drawings that make on-site installation quick and convenient.

Flexible Construction Ensures Long-Term Value

Unlike traditional construction, a Starrco modular CMM room is designed for flexibility and built for the future. Modular components assemble easily and Starrco studs accommodate simple vertical installation of electrical, data transmission, and communication lines in concealed raceways accessible from a removable cover plate. All of these features combine to deliver CMM rooms that are simple to expand, reconfigure, or even relocate as your needs change. An investment in a Starrco CMM enclosure will continue to deliver value for years to come.

Starrco Modular CMM Rooms Qualify As Equipment, Rather Than Real Property

Under current tax law, Starrco modular CMM rooms are considered tangible personal property, which means they may be depreciated in the same way as other capital equipment in your facility. Because Starrco modular CMM rooms can be fully dismantled, relocated, and reassembled, they qualify as tangible property, which is depreciated over 7 years, rather than the 39-year depreciation of conventional construction. This is a significant tax advantage for any building or facility, and just another way that Starrco’s modular CMM rooms deliver long-term value.

Protect Your Investment with a Starrco CMM Room

Coordinate measuring machines are essential to your facility’s everyday operations. Protect your investment in these sensitive machines with a Starrco CMM room. Designed and engineered to fit your facility now, and flexible for the future, a Starrco CMM room offers all the capabilities and features you need to protect your investment well into the future. From initial design to finished installation and beyond, Starrco can ensure that your modular CMM room project runs smoothly. Contact our team today for more information.