Prefabricated Portable Office Buildings

What is a Pre-Assembled Building?

A prefabricated building, also known as a portable booth or portable building, is a modular building structure that is manufactured and assembled off-site and delivered to its destination ready-for-use. Generally, prefabricated buildings are small structures designed to house employees who work outside of the larger office building or commercial facility in the form of guardhouses, security booths, or toll booths.

Prefabricated buildings are an ideal, value-added solution for a range of applications. They arrive on the jobsite fully assembled and ready to use. With key features like pre-wired electrical components, any necessary set-up can be done quickly, so you can put that essential equipment to work immediately. Many facilities opt for prefabricated buildings when they are looking for a durable, cost-effective option that will require minimal maintenance for years to come.

Ticketer Booths

Starrco Prefabricated Buildings

Starrco remains one of the industry’s top manufacturers of portable and pre-assembled buildings. Designed to provide years of maintenance-free service, Starrco prefabricated buildings are manufactured with tough powder-coated aluminum and rust-retardant steel structural members. Walls, ceiling, and floor have a solid impact resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl-covered finish.

When your facility needs a portable, prefabricated building for any application, a Starrco solution is your first choice. Built for today, and flexible for tomorrow, Starrco portable buildings have all the features you need to get to work right now, with the durability and modular construction necessary to accommodate changing facility needs in the future.

What Are the Benefits of a Prefabricated Building or Portable Booth?

Prefabricated buildings and portable booths provide a range of benefits to any user and any application. Whether your facility needs a ticket booth, a guardhouse, an in-plant office, or a custom prefabricated building, here are just a few of the benefits of choosing a prefabricated building or portable booth:

Speed of Installation

One of the greatest benefits of a prefabricated building is the ease of installation for your team. Portable booths and buildings are precision manufactured and pre-assembled in Starrco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure the utmost quality assurance. When your portable building arrives at your facility, all you have to do is off-load it, set it on a concrete pad, and connect the main power to the pre-wired electrical box and you’re up and operating.

Custom Design

Whether you need a guard booth with electricity and heat, or a very basic, no-bells-and-whistles smoking shelter, the benefit of choosing a prefabricated building is that you can pick and choose the features you need most. Custom design your portable booth or pre-assembled building to suit your facility’s specific needs.

High-Quality Features

Starrco is an industry-leading manufacturer of modular buildings and components. Every product we fabricate is precision-manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed and built to your specifications. Our portable buildings stand up to even the harshest climates, providing years of maintenance-free service.

Flexibility for a Range of Applications

Prefabricated buildings are designed for flexibility. No matter what your original use is for a portable booth, a forklift base means it’s easily relocated or repurposed as your facility’s needs change or scale. With a pre-wired modular electrical system built directly into the building itself, there’s no concern of disrupting the building’s functionality when you move or repurpose it.

A Cost-Effective, Value-Added Solution

Prefabricated buildings arrive at your site ready to go. There is no on-site construction. No managing contractors and subcontractors. No ordering or storing of materials. When you opt for a pre-assembled portable booth, it is delivered to you fully assembled, so all you have to do is set it on a concrete pad, anchor it down, and connect power to the pre-wired panel box.

Not only does this save on time-to-installation, but it’s an exceptionally cost-effective solution. Prefabricated buildings are remarkably affordable, provide years of maintenance-free service, and can be relocated as your facility’s needs change.

Common Types of Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are most often used for security and facility admission purposes, but their portability and custom design options make them well-suited for a range of additional applications. Here’s a look at just some of the most common types of prefabricated buildings:

Screening Booths

Keep your employees and visitors safe with prefabricated screening booths and wellness check stations. Check employee temperatures, hand out masks, and practice good hygiene safely with a screening booth that protects both the employee in the booth and those being screened.

Starrco screening booths combine our industry experience manufacturing outdoor buildings with 30 years of cleanroom environment technology to deliver safe, affordable screening booths. Pre-assembled and ready for use on-site the day they arrive.


Quick-Ship Portable Buildings

Need a portable building fast? Starrco quick-ship portable buildings are available in one to five working days! When you need to replace an old building or you need a safe space for outdoor employees, you need a solution, fast. Our 4′ x 6′ quick ship portable buildings arrive in just days and can solve any essential equipment need you have.

Starrco quick-ship portable buildings are available with a range of standard and optional features. Our quick-ship options come fully assembled and feature pre-wired electrical packages to ensure you can start using your portable building on day one.


Toll Booths & Toll Houses

From a simple valet booth to a professional space for a parking attendant, prefabricated buildings provide a fast, affordable solution for any toll booth or toll house need. Manufactured to your specifications, prefabricated toll booths ship in just weeks, and arrive pre-assembled and ready for use. These buildings are designed for long-term use, which means you can easily move or modify them as your facility’s needs change. Durable, modular construction ensures minimal maintenance for the lifetime of the product, even when your toll booth is exposed to the elements.

Modular Toll Booth

Smoking Shelters

Ever-changing smoking laws and policies can make it difficult for employees to know where they can safely take their smoke breaks. Implementing a smoking shelter provides the protective space employees need to take a quick break, at the required distance from your facility. Prefabricated smoking shelters are the ideal solution to this employee need. A quick, budget-friendly solution, smoking shelters from Starrco can be shipped in just days, and arrive at your facility ready-to-use.

smoking shelter

Observation Towers

Observation towers are necessary for the safe, secure operation of your facility. But when your employees are that far from the ground, their safety is your priority. Prefabricated modular building systems provide exactly the solution you need for a safe, functional observation tower.

Constructed from rust-retardant steel structural members, Starrco observation towers are designed for long-term, maintenance-free use. With options for climate control systems, 360-degree visibility, reinforced panel cores, and more, your Starrco observation facility is outfitted with all of the features you need to provide a safe, year-round work environment for all personnel.

Observation Tower Building

Ticket Booths

Ticket booths are easy to overlook — they’re often an afterthought for many events and venues. But, your ticket booth is your first chance at a first impression. The first thing your visitors see, your ticket booth should be both seamlessly designed and exceptionally functional.

Starrco custom-manufactures ticket booths according to your exact specifications to meet those requirements for design and functionality. Built to stand up to the elements for years to come, our prefabricated buildings also offer climate control systems, counters, windows, and more to ensure your ticket booth is customized for your facility. Pre-assembled and shipped to your door, your ticket booth arrives ready to use, wherever you need it most.

Portable Ticket Booth Building

Parking Booths

Parking booths are essential equipment for any large, commercial facility. Control traffic flow and provide your employees with a safe, warm place to shelter in the cold weather. Available in both standard and custom sizes, Starrco parking booths are affordable, portable, and maintenance-free.


Security Booths and Guard Houses

Security booths or guard houses can provide necessary control and security for any facility, venue, or building. Starrco security booths and guard booths arrive fully-assembled and ready for immediate occupancy. These heavy-duty prefabricated buildings are built with aluminum structural members on a steel base frame and feature a range of commercial-grade finishings that ensure a safe, secure security booth for any application.

Security Booth

Gate Houses

Gatehouses are a versatile prefabricated building designed to perform well in a range of applications. Ideal for use as access control gatehouses, these portable buildings come equipped with a protective, heavy-duty structural framework that stands up to years of use in the harshest environments. Shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate use, a modular gatehouse is the flexible, modular solution your facility needs.

Modular Gate House Shelter

Key Components of a Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated buildings and booths are designed to arrive at your facility fully-assembled and ready for use. Any Starrco pre-assembled building is easily custom-fitted to meet a variety of specific needs, but they all start with a high-quality structural frame and Starrco’s signature wall panels.

Here’s a look at the key components of a prefabricated building, along with some of the optional additions you can make to customize your parking booth, guardhouse, security booth, and more:

Structural Frame

Starrco’s prefabricated buildings are made with exceptionally durable structural components designed to provide years of low maintenance service. Structural members are either powder coat painted aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish, designed to deliver the following loading characteristics:

  • Snow Load: 30 PSF
  • Wind Load: 30 PSF (110 mph maximum)
  • Floor Load: 50 PSF

Wall Panels

The walls of your prefabricated building or booth are engineered according to your specifications. Many ticket booths, screening booths, and smoking booth applications prefer clear glass wall panels, while guard houses and security booths need the added security of a solid wall panel.

You can choose the wall panel option that best suits your application. Starrco wall panels feature the following benefits:

  • Minimum ¾” thick sandwich construction
  • Smooth white painted aluminum exterior
  • ⅛” panel interior of gray vinyl covered hardboard
  • Wall panels caulked with urethane sealant
  • Panels fastened to structural members with plated screws

Roof Structure

The benefit of a pre-assembled building is that it arrives ready to use. That said, Starrco always prioritizes the quality of our products as well as the value we offer you. To ensure the safe delivery of larger prefabricated buildings, the roof for any building larger than 4′ wide will ship knocked-down, ready for easy on-site assembly the minute it arrives.

This ensures that every component arrives at your jobsite in perfect condition, primed to perform with maintenance-free service for years to come. Any prefabricated building less than 4′ wide will ship with the roof installed for ultimate convenience and lightning-fast assembly.

Steel Base

The base of your portable building or booth is made to deliver value over the lifetime of the product. Complete with forklift pockets, your Starrco pre-assembled building is designed for transportation, ensuring you can use this building wherever you need it most for years to come. Base specifications include:

  • 4″ structural steel channels, welded with stringers on maximum 24″ centers
  • Forklift pockets
  • Steel channels painted with rust-inhibitive paint
  • Two layers of ⅝” subflooring with aluminum vapor barrier laminated underneath
  • Finished floor of commercial-grade seamless vinyl


Starrco prefabricated buildings come complete with the option for either commercial grade swinging doors or attractive patio-style sliding doors.

Swinging Doors

Made of commercial-grade steel, these swinging doors are ideal for portable buildings requiring utmost security. Features include:

  • Commercial-grade 3068 20ga steel
  • ⅛” tempered safety glass window
  • Door includes 1 ½ par of 4 ½” x4 ½” ball bearing hinges
  • Stainless steel key-in-knob lockset
  • Door mounted on a painted aluminum door frame with wool pile weatherstrip
  • Door arrives painted white

Sliding Doors

These aluminum doors are designed to offer the best in aesthetic and security. Features include:

  • Included keyed locking device
  • Aluminum door components feature painted aluminum finish
  • Doors glazed with 3/16″ tempered safety glass upper section
  • Solid panel lower section


Windows are designed to match the style of the sliding door included with our pre-assembled buildings. Features include:

  • Single sliding aluminum window with locking device
  • ⅛” clear tempered safety glass
  • Window framing finished with white powder coat paint.

Electrical Packages

All Starrco prefabricated buildings come complete with pre-wired electrical packages for fast, simple installation. Your prefabricated building arrives assembled and ready for use, from traditional building components to more complex systems like the electrical package. Starrco pre-wired electrical packages include:

  • One 125v duplex receptacle
  • One 230v single receptacle
  • T8 fluorescent lighting with lens
  • One 120/240v single phase 125 amp circuit breaker box

Custom Options for Prefabricated Buildings

We understand that every building and facility has different needs and requirements for their prefabricated building based on application. Starrco prefabricated buildings are comprised of modular components to ensure ultimate customizability for whatever requirements your facility must meet. Available custom options include:

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Exterior lighting
  • Thermal insulation
  • Custom painted exterior
  • Window glazing options, including tinted, insulated, polycarbonate, and more
  • Countertops and shelving
  • Standard or through-wall cash and transaction drawers
  • Aluminum tread plate flooring

Starrco Prefabricated Shelters

Starrco leads the industry in precision-engineered, modular prefabricated buildings. Our prefabricated buildings — from ticket booths and guard booths to smoking buildings and observation towers — are shipped fully-assembled and ready for use. We deliver the prefabricated building your facility needs to complete essential operations now, and in the future. To get the prefabricated building your facility needs, today, Starrco is here to help. Contact us today to get started on your project.