Whirlpool Case Study

Modular Offices: A Fast, Clean and Easy Install at Whirlpool


Whirlpool needed more
office space at its Ohio distribution center. The company was looking for a solution at the right price, that could be built without disturbing ongoing operations at the facility.


Provide a custom, Starrco modular enclosure that could be installed in less than half the time of conventional construction with a fraction of the mess and disruption.


Whirlpool and the staff at the Ohio distribution center are happy with their new 750 square foot office space. The modular construction project was cost effective and did not have an adverse impact on operations because it took less than four days to install.

Whirlpool Building Photo

Whirlpool has a go-to guy for construction work, Mark Schmunk, CEO of Foundations Construction Services, LLC, Columbus, OH. He is exactly the man they called in when they wanted to add office space to their Ohio distribution center.

While the need was urgent, the location within the fully operational facility presented some challenges. The nearby assembly zone, along with a busy distribution area and loading dock, had to stay up and running during construction. Shutting down was not an option.

Mark knew there was no way around it. If they went with conventional construction, there was going to be a great deal of disruption, dust, mess and more. And then there was the time frame. Whirlpool needed the new offices now, not later.

“We do mostly conventional construction, but this time, we chose modular because it was going to be a lot faster, and in this case a good deal less expensive. Modular was perfectly suited for this application,” said Mark.


Starrco Modular Office Photo

Reaching Out to the Modular
Experts at Starrco

Mark contacted his local Starrco Regional Manager Greg Lerdahl to discuss the project. They looked at the sketch Whirlpool provided, and Greg got the Starrco design team involved.

Drawings were developed quickly, tweaked, and approved when Whirlpool was happy with the layout and the price.

“The whole thing was very easy with very little effort on my part,” said Mark. “Greg is a big reason I used Starrco on this project.”

whirlpool portable building

Manufacturing and Install

Mark, as general contractor, coordinated everything.

The office system was pre-fabricated at Starrco’s manufacturing plant in St. Louis. The office components were then shipped to Whirlpool for final assembly at the jobsite. All Mark had to do was keep Whirlpool up to date, stay in contact with Starrco, manage the installation team, and a few trades – electrical, data and fire protection.

“There was a lot less coordination than with conventional construction,” said Mark. “And with conventional construction, you have to worry about the dust, paint, and noise. In this case, there were fewer contractors, and it was quicker.”

The entire job went smoothly, and even when the installation team discovered that a beam was missing, Starrco manufactured and delivered the replacement quickly with very little disruption to the overall process.

“Their customer service is very good,” said Mark.


A Great Experience

“As far as modular office and construction goes, I cannot think of anything that would have made it better,” said Mark. “Starrco is a good organization.”

Best of all, the client feedback has been excellent. Whirlpool management was pleased with the entire process, the price, and the minimized disruption. The employees are pleased with their new modular workspace too.

Mark was so happy with the whole modular construction case study; he wants Starrco to do more modular solution projects. He has quoted Starrco for other jobs since completing the new office at Whirlpool.